1. RogueGuy

    Glass Vapes From The Rogue Wax Works

    Hey FC peeps I have been working on a bunch of different glass vapes for the last couple years. I hope to make a separate post in the vaporizer thread but figured I would post them here for now. They are unreleased because I'm waiting for parts for all but the No Name. 1. Vape Funnel - Direct...
  2. ConvectCode1

    On demand convection or on demand hybrid?

    Can anybody suggest any good on demand convection vaporizers that a guy can actually get, other than the Tiny Might and Tafee Bowle? Can anybody suggest any good on demand hybrid vaporizers other than the FW series? Basically, I have a large collection of all types of vaporizers but find I...
  3. S

    Fog by X-Vape

    This looks interesting. http://www.puffitup.com/X-MAX-FOG-Vaporizer-p/xv.fog.htm
  4. T

    The Flowermate V5s Mini Pro Review & Unboxing

    Hey guys! I recently purchased this flowermate hybrid vape. I wanted to share the review and video unboxing. I got this specifically for dry herb. I was upset with my Atmos-raw. http://www.the420shack.com/2016/05/best-hybrid-vaporizer-review-flowermate.html I have spent some quality time with...
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