1. N

    What’s the “healthiest” vaporizer?

    Hello! New here and somewhat new to vaping and the world of cannabis in general (started only last year and I’m 40). I use it mostly for depression and anxiety. But I have sensitive lungs (developed chronic coughing when pregnant, easily get bronchitis, easily irritated from smoking or vaping)...
  2. IceMann997

    Looking for a quality vaporizer!

    Hey everyone! I have been looking for a vaporizer for a few months now, and need some help with choosing. Overall, I am looking for a vaporizer that will be safe to use; health is my most important concern. Specifically speaking, this would entail a vapor, and air path completely seperated from...
  3. vapeguy69

    Phoenix the new healthiest Dry herb vaporizer

    Hello guys I just want to let you know there's another great product on the horizon called Phoenix it's the toughest, classiest dry herb vaporizer on the market right now you should check it out by yourself the Rose Gold edition is pretty sweet even if there's black and silver versions too...
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