1. HellsWindStaff

    Kid's Say The Darndest Things

    Kid's crack me up, I didn't find a thread for this but do any of you have any funny stories about your little rascals? I personally don't have kids, but my cousins are very young (10,8,6) and my aunt sent me a hilarious photo today. It was my 6 year old cousin's 100th day of school, so they...
  2. I

    Favorite stand up comedians?

    im just curious what are some of the comedians that tickle your jollies.... some of my faves are chappelle, joe rogan, cosby, and any good stoner must also appreciate doug benson (most of the stuff he does is about smoking jane) ohh and how could i forget carlin!
  3. mvapes

    Comedy, Comedy, Comedy

    This thread is for comic or comedic film references - any kind of satire, be it old school, new school, comedians, or lines from your funniest and favorite movies. Blazing Saddles always gets me going and its awesome stoned - one of my favorite scenes - the good ole' number 6!
  4. JDSupreme

    Katt Williams - Vaporizer Comedy

    Must have missed this the first time I saw it. Classic!!
  5. P

    Funny things you see on FC

    Is there a thread on FC where you can talk about a funny or humorous posts that someone posted? I always wish I could like a post or Up it because of its truth or hilarity. Do you ever just scroll through the forums and come across the most humorous or education post and wish everyone could come...
  6. McNerdius

    Funny Stoner Comedy, If it's your thing... [Reggie Watts]

    I've only seen Reggie Watts mentioned on here a total of three times. Yes, he is a little bit "out there" but the thing to know about him is that he started as a musician. He is not a comedian by trade, but rather a musician. His shit is funny as hell if you appreciate that the vast majority...
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