1. JCat

    FC E-Nail by JCat

    Hi everyone, The 1st revision (beta) of the FC E-Nail by JCat is now complete. I decided to start a new thread for this, since it's really a project of it's own (what I envisioned for a better enail controller). Features - Easy temperature adjustments with rotary dial - Easy on/off of heater...
  2. LikeAMarley710

    E-Nails: Terpz vs. Auber RDK-200 vs. Auber RDK-300?

    I've spent the last week researching what e-nail to cop. As of right now, I've narrowed it down between Auger and Terpz (from reviews). I've noticed Auber has a standard and deluxe version of their version 2. As far as I can tell, other than looks, the RDK-300's extra feature only includes a...
  3. X

    How to use a digital e-nail to vaporize dry herbs (convection)

    Hello all!!! Brand new to FC as of today, and this is my first novel (lol) So right down to it. Tools needed; --e-nail/d-nail (digital preferably) --flat coil heater (for e-nail) --Universal grade 2 Ti nail --Snug fitting carb cap with removable dabber and limited airflow (preferably...
  4. hardboiledfrog

    Induction heated e-nail with arduino closed loop temp control

    I was intrigued by the banger style nails in particular the Liger but that one isn't in my budget currently so I got this nail from http://www.dhgate.com/product/smoking-dogo-2015-may-new-arrival-universal/238802269.html for $12.85. It fits nicely on my small Silika bubbler with a 14mm to 10mm...
  5. hardboiledfrog

    Induction Dabbing

    First off thanks to all for your amazing contributions to the cannabis community, I have learned a lot from all of your forum posts. I love dabbing concentrates but I wasn't thrilled with using a blazing torch in my livingroom or tripping over e-nail wires as I am often clumsy. Plus e-nail...
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