1. mrb

    mrb's bits n bobs

    Introduction: If you’ve seen me around the DV thread you might know that I like to make and modify my own components and accessories for my Dynavaps. It was not my intention to become an 'accessory maker' here. But my love for making, combined with my love for dynavap, seems inescapable and I...
  2. luciddreamin92

    3D Printed Dugout for Dynavap w/ Slide Top

    Hello everyone, this is my first time on this forum and just wanted to share something I've been working on for the Dynavap which I enjoy using everyday. I wanted to create a case that will fit everything needed, including a lighter so I didn't have to hear jangling in my pockets. The dugout is...
  3. TheResistance

    DYNAVAP Omnivap new user questions

    This is my first thread on FC, I just need some advice before I pull the trigger on this Ti Omnivap(Never used one but I'm a believer just by the research, and I'm going all out). How often do you guys normally need to use a new filter insert CCD? (If ever? also stainless or Ti?) Is there...
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