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dry herb vaporizer

  1. Cipher

    Nautilus 2nd Gen Dry Herb Vaporizer By Cipher

    Cipher proudly unveils the 2nd generation Nautilus, a unique and stylish Sherlock herbal vaporizer that seamlessly blends simplicity with excellent vapor quality. Building upon the cherished experience of our 1st generation, customers expressed a desire for more. Attentive to their feedback...
  2. thehippie

    The Hippie Pipe X - Analog Portable Vaporizer

    Hi everyone, we would like to introduce our newest analog vaporizer, the Hippie Pipe X! Highlights: 30% Bigger Chamber compared to the original Hippie Pipe Rapid heating, No more indicators Superb build quality and features a Premium Design Telescopic Heating Chamber makes caps or any other...
  3. Jill NYC

    Pax - All Models

    I figure these can be combined since the 2 & 3 are so similar and the OG is discontinued but some may still want to discuss somewhere. The old threads can be found here: http://fuckcombustion.com/threads/pax-3-by-pax-labs.22753/ http://fuckcombustion.com/threads/pax-2.17617/...
  4. Robert-in-YEG

    Long time cannabis user; new to vaping

    Hello everyone I just wanted to say hello to everyone. My name is Robert, I am from Edmonton, Alberta. I'm in my 50's, have used cannabis for many many years, but have never liked smoking. Normally when I used to smoke After multiple complaints about the smell, I gambled $50 and bought a...
  5. H

    What do you think a perfect dry herb vaporizer should be?

    Hey guys, what do you think a perfect budget (60-110usd) dry herb vaporizer should be? for me, a perfect herb vaporizer should have a rich vapor cloud, flavorful taste, portable size, long battery life(more than 2h), easy to load herb (many vaporizers are not easy to load, I hate to get messy...
  6. O

    What do you look for in a dry herb vaporizer

    Hey I’m developing a dry herb portable vaporizer and wanted to get some feedback from you guys as to what features are most important to you. Is it the heat timer, chamber size, temperature adjustment controls, vapor density. Etc etc... I would really appreciate your responses as I want to...
  7. O'Connell Woodworks Vapes

    O'Connell Woodworks Vaporizers

    https://www.oconnellwoodworks.com I also make accessories for DynaVap As well as trays, grinders, and whatever else is requested of me! Not exactly new, but still within my first year since my first vape. My Vapes are butane powered with intent to someday create a battery powered...
  8. OnsenLabs

    Onsen Labs Desktop Pro Vaporizer

    Introducing the Desktop Pro Vaporizer!!! By OnsenLabs.com Currently seeking Beta Testers! Here's your opportunity to take part in shaping vaporizer design! Click below to learn more and apply: https://www.onsenlabs.com/blog/desktop-pro-beta-trial-program
  9. W

    Best Portable Vaporizer for Medical Reasons?

    Hi guys, New to FuckCombustion but would really love some help and advice. I have a friend of a friend who is currently undergoing treatment for cancer (I didn't push as to what type). They are currently looking into purchasing a portable vaporizer to help take marijuana as smoking really...
  10. MrBaked.co

    Hi guys, I'm New Here. Thinking about buying the ARGO

    I have a pax3 with the NewVape upgrades and love it for weed and concentrates. It is a great piece of kit. However, I have been hearing lots of good in relation to flavor with the ARGO due to the all glass path. The replaceable batteries and the fact I can buy spares tubes and pre-pack them is...
  11. J

    All glass medical grade dry herb vaporizer

    I have created a desktop style vaporizer that utilizes only glass parts, the entire airpath is borosilicate glass, the nichrome heating element is covered in glass and completely seperate from the incoming air. When you draw from it the air travels through the "proprietary glass mixing chamber"...
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