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    Looking for a dry herb micro-dose portable vape with batteries

    Hello friends! I think it's time for me to move to a vaporizer. I used some devices here and there in the past but I never owned one in the past. The main reason is health. Right now I m consuming mostly with combustion methods, which leads to chronic coughing and the other symptoms that come...
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    What do you look for in a dry herb vaporizer

    Hey I’m developing a dry herb portable vaporizer and wanted to get some feedback from you guys as to what features are most important to you. Is it the heat timer, chamber size, temperature adjustment controls, vapor density. Etc etc... I would really appreciate your responses as I want to...
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    Hi guys, I'm New Here. Thinking about buying the ARGO

    I have a pax3 with the NewVape upgrades and love it for weed and concentrates. It is a great piece of kit. However, I have been hearing lots of good in relation to flavor with the ARGO due to the all glass path. The replaceable batteries and the fact I can buy spares tubes and pre-pack them is...
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    Replacing a VaporGenie... So Many Options.

    Hello, I'm new and inexperienced enough to royally fuck up if I try to make this decision myself. First of all thanks for taking the time to read this NOVEL of a thread. So here's my problem. The rock in my VaporGenie broke and I can't figure out how to replace just that. I don't need the top...
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