1. olysh pops

    List of conduction, battery-powered and high temperature vaporizers

    I'm looking for a vaporizer for classic hash. My criteria are conduction, high temperature (up to 240° ideally) and battery-powered. I like heavy-hitters, but for this criterion I think it's best to go for butane torch portables. To get an overview of vaporizers with these 3 criteria available...
  2. T

    Your favourite session vape (stoned feeling)

    Hej fellow Vapenthusiasts, been a silent reader on FC for some time but finally have a question where i need your expertise. I own a TM and a Dynavap but i find myself missing the conduction, stoned feeling. The Dyna is delivering all that, but i'm looking for a session vape that i can sip on...
  3. RogueGuy

    Glass Vapes From The Rogue Wax Works

    Hey FC peeps I have been working on a bunch of different glass vapes for the last couple years. I hope to make a separate post in the vaporizer thread but figured I would post them here for now. They are unreleased because I'm waiting for parts for all but the No Name. 1. Vape Funnel - Direct...
  4. Abysmal Vapor

    Cheer Vaporizer

    Well here is a funny one :) ! Techwise it is nothing new ,but design makes me giggle,so i decided to post about it, also it is 3 am here and i cant sleep cause i fell asleep during daytime,lol . *Five Temp Settings with Bottom Led Light Indicator:446℉、428℉、410℉、392℉、374℉ *12mm Big Food Grade...
  5. P

    Fuhume Heat

    Hey guys first off this is not my vape just a new unit I received, maybe the manufacturer will join FC at some time but I thought I post about its existence. Here is some information from their site. Fuhume Custom Airflow Soothe your throat right with our original concept created to...
  6. natural farmer


    Hey guys... I was talking to Randy from PIU yesterday and he told me about a new vape they have been testing hard :ko: these days... So I did a small google searching just now and I found the facebook page and the official site.
  7. magicflight

    The Magic-Flight Box

    Hi Everyone, Re-Introducing the Magic-Flight Launch Box -- a small, fast, portable vaporizer that can be used by anyone, anywhere, anytime. Advantages/Features: - Portable: Preload and use while outdoors; No cords or plugs. - Compact: only 2.5 by 1.25 by 0.9 inches in size! - Friendly...
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