1. Penny Wise

    The Boundless CFC 2.0

    I saw this at my local vape shop, went home and looked into it and decided I'd give it a go. It wasn't cheap, but as cannabis vapes go, you're getting a fair bit for what you're paying. In my opinion, this is a better sesh vape than a solo one. The oven is rather too large and as I understand...
  2. stonedbob

    Boundless CORE

    so boundless announced year ago on the new devices, and there was a desktop vaporizer they named "core" or something like that. what about it? is there any news?
  3. S

    Boundless CF / CFX / CF-Hybrid

    Has anyone heard of this vaporizer?
  4. uhranium

    Boundless CFV

    So I just searched for this thread but could not find it. The CFV is the newest vape of the guys at Boundless, who recently brought us the CF and CFX, two reasonable priced vapes that are designed with the Crafty/Mighty in Mind As far as we could see in the youtube video by the crew, the CFV...
  5. T

    How do I get the burnt taste out of my chamber?

    Hello, I have recently purchased a Boundless CFX, and I have made a bit of a mistake. I made the mistake of trying tea in the chamber, and I believe it combusted which is leaving me with a terrible taste every time I vaporize weed. Even Pineapple Express tastes terrible as the burnt tea masks...
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