510 atomizer

  1. XpeeN

    The 510 Dry herb atomizers thread

    Let make this thread a place to talk about general 510 DHV concepts: various heater concepts, outer bodies, decks, TCR etc. I know there are some popular threads about DIY 510s that people tend to talk more general 510 stuff, but I found that all the info is too spread out to be as useful as it...
  2. Shit Snacks

    HerbalTherm 5CH (510 conduction heater for 2XV and Dyna VapCap)

    Alright looks like this project will actually precede the 2XV, which is still in development, provide feedback here or on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/CVgPRJ7vpOQcQBHGv-eJzCwZjwW-2srgymYUoI0/?utm_medium=copy_link From the makers: "So the 2XV will catch a back seat to some technology...
  3. Austin420

    Reverse Bottomless Banger 25mm for DTV4

    I have been looking for a 14mm male reverse bottomless banger 25mm to use with my 510 DTV4 by Divine Tribes. Does anyone know who has these for sale? Thanks in advance for any info
  4. Vape Engineering

    HERBIE 510 Stainless Steel Mesh Vaporizer

    Hey folks, this is Til and Nils from Vape Engineering. Back in 2016 we had the idea to use our engineering knowledge for things that actually matter - vaporizers! Unfortunately we had no idea, if the product we were thinking about would actually fit in todays market. Therefore we got...
  5. KeroZen

    VapeDynamics CeraWax 510 attachment for concentrates

    KZ's long overdue CeraWax mini-review A while ago I was contacted by VapeDynamics to review their "Duo" vaporizer. That product was very disappointing and likely a market failure, I think it's been discontinued since. But alongside the vape I received that CeraWax 510 atty. I didn't use...
  6. Other Side


    Ryan has been at it again. Waiting on parts for Splinter and he just couldn't help himself from designing. This is his first entry for a vape dedicated to concentrate. This is VERY early and needs work so I am getting this thread going more to generate discussion on what this could be...
  7. Pipes

    VapCap 510 Heater Build (Based on "The Project")

    Hey guys. First off, huge thanks to @natural farmer who made me aware of the need for this type of device. It seemed to be a natural offspring for the methodology used in the Project Vape device, and proves to indeed be a shoe in, as takes basically the same base hardware configured a bit...
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