Information For Members With a Commercial Interest

Thank you for your interest in our site. Before posting you will need to read through the information on this page and have your account approved.


We allow manufacturers and company reps to post on behalf of their products, providing that they are sure to abide by our forum rules and manufacturer rules. Please read them carefully as we do take them seriously and every post you make will need to abide by them.

After your account is approved, you’re welcome to create a thread for your product (if one does not already exist) to provide information and interact with customers, but be prepared for a gauntlet of questions and comments.

The following points provide a brief overview of what we expect from company representatives.

Accessory Makers

We provide community members an “accessory maker” status and the ability to create a thread for their project where they can post information and interact with customers. In this position they will be held to a higher standard than normal members and expected to carefully abide by the rules at all times. What and where they can post may be limited by this position. Please read the “Manuafcturers” section above to get an idea of what will be expected.

Retailers and Advertisers

We are currently experimenting with allowing select retailers to post on the forum. These retailers are welcome to participate in threads as long they’re adding value to the discussions and not promoting their site. All promotion must go in the Retailer Announcements thread.

While the interest is very much appreciated, we do not run advertisements and are not actively looking for sponsors. Before any type of sponsorship is considered a retailer must be well-established in the community with an excellent track record of customer service.

Getting Approved

If you’re comfortable with all of the above and ready to get started please send an email to vtac clearly stating:

  1. Your company affiliation and position.
  2. Your intentions on the forum.
  3. That you have read, understand, and agree to abide by the rules.
  4. Your forum username (you can go ahead and register now if you haven’t already).

When your account is approved I'll let you know and you’ll also see a small banner under your username denoting your account type. Please keep in mind that any co-workers or other company representatives will also need to obtain approval before posting under separate commercial accounts. You are responsible for your own account.