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    Vapexhale Cloud Evo US

    Selling my Evo. Still works like a tank. 5 nails, 4 aftermarket quartz, 1 glass factory, three ELBs but the ELBs are torched clean multiple times, still work great, but I know some don't like that. Scoopulas too. Looking for $160 shipped.
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    PAX (US)

    Has everything you see in the pics. Used lightly, maybe 20 bowls. Works great, cleaned well, and has car charger. $50 obo shipped.
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    What's your favorite torch or lighter to use with the Vapcap?

    These are what I have, and they are horribly inconsistent. Thanks for the recommendations!
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    Dynavap VapCap

    I just grabbed an M for a festival coming up, and HOLY AMAZEBALLS!!!! Goodbye Pax, you are my new go to portable! Recommendations on decent pocket size triple torch lighters? All the shops by me have cheapos or massive ones, and I'd prefer a pocket size for travel purposes. Thanks in advance!
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    What's your favorite torch or lighter to use with the Vapcap?

    Can someone PM or shoot me a short list of pocket sized, reliable triple torches? Just got a vapcap M and OMG!!!!! I need a torch good enough for this baby, and the head shops only have cheapos that are pocket sized seems like. I know there's a ton of into, but I'd appreciate a short list!
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    Positive Feedback

    Seller: @ShayWhiteGrow desc: Dynavap M and OG cost: $35 payment: Paypal rating: 5/5 comments: One crazy shipping snaffu that was the Post Office's fault, but they're great! Awesome communicator, on top of emails, and just pleasant to work with. Would definitely recommend. Thank you.
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    Hippie Fest 2017 Michigan

    Me and the family will be there, any other Midwestern FCers? Saturday October 7 from noon to 7pm 1511 N Wilson Rd, Mears, MI 49436-9632, United States $5 tickets in advance, 3 and under free! Maybe we could meet and compare vape ;)...
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    Dynavap M or Ti

    I am looking for an M preferably, but I'd take a Ti Woody or Omnivap at a deal. Let me know what you've got! Need a battery free option for Hippie Fest! :)
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    Discontinued VapeXhale Cloud EVO

    I'm a big fan, personally. I like the fact that it's thinner than glass. It's still really, really sturdy. It's not the best in terms of drag since the main base is just slits in the downstem, but the perc action of the orange piece is fun. With shipping it was only $60, so definitely a great...
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    Discontinued VapeXhale Cloud EVO

    @virtualpurple , @Summer , it's a 3d printed diffuser. Air enters from the hole facing the base, winds through the tubes, and then comes out the holes in the water.
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    Acrylic Pipe for Evo?

    Love that guy!!!
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    Discontinued VapeXhale Cloud EVO

    Near Chicago took me 8 days for repair. @ataxian No harm here! I have had some amazing discussions with some staunch atheists.
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    Acrylic Pipe for Evo?

    I keep warm water in the base to condition the vapor, then the ice cools it back down. It's a great experience.
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    Acrylic Pipe for Evo?

    All of the sections can come apart and back together. I normally don't use the orange diffuser, but I wanted to show off what I call 'party mode' lol
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    Discontinued VapeXhale Cloud EVO

    You'll need a 14 to 18mm adatper, yes. Once you have the Evo and you walk into a shop they'll be able to help you, and it'll be easy to see what will fit. DO NOT leave the glass piece sitting on the evo. Much more dangerous, and you risk breaking the Evo just as much as the glass piece...
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