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    Healthy Rips FURY EDGE

    I got an Edge for Green Friday, and I'm a happy camper. I love the dosing caps, my oven is pristine and I'm weirdly happy cleaning out the caps after. I'm digging the haptic feedback, I've already learned to give it another couple seconds for that perfect 1st hit. It's nice to have a smaller...
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    Bump this thread if you're VAPED now!

    I'm off work for a whole week, I made it home before 4:20... yeah.
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    Worst vape ever?

    My Sig says it all. Thank goodness for the Solo!
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    Ed's WoodScents Log Vape - Ed's TnT

    I've been away for a while, congratulations on your new little boy! Much love to you and yours :)
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    Arizer Solo II

    I picked up a new Solo II from PIU's 420 sale, my OG Solo is so cracked that the base is able to slide out of the housing. Still works but why risk it, especially since it can't really hold a stem solidly? Anyway, i got a blue one, breaking tradition, and i love it like I love it's fraternal...
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    Arizer Solo II

    I got my Solo II with PIU's Black Friday awesome deal. I've been so enamoured that I haven't come up for air since! I know that lots of people love the Air for its swappable battery, but I'm a fan of less moving parts, and this thing holds a charge like a champ. I love the new customizable...
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    Arizer Solo

    I'm a weirdo that liked having the old Solo presets. I get why having the exact temp is important, but it was so easy to load and click four times without having to look. Also, I have to wear sunglasses pretty much at all times during the day, the Solo II's display doesn't register without me...
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    What type of a vaper are you?

    I would say I'm a OCD vapor, but that isn't quite true. I just tend to assign roles to things and not really deviate. So my UD gets used only in my bedroom, my Solo is for tub time use and my Air is my on-the-go companion. It all adds up to love, so I'm satisfied :)
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    Vapes on Planes - Traveling With Vaporizers

    I carry my vape with batteries out and in prescription vials (perfect size for them!) but other than that I don't disassemble it further. Never had an issue- they're usually more worried about the CPAP I also lug around.
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    Vapes on Planes - Traveling With Vaporizers

    I was on a cruise in February and while I don't usually worry, we got a strong letter (it was a charter) to "don't even bring it". I was actually obedient and while there were no issues leaving, coming back there were dogs at the port and in the airport. Yes, with the DEA, and yes, I was...
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    The Arizer Air

    I haven't been here much, because I'm one happy customer! The Air has been everywhere with me, and I mean everywhere. It's my road partner, my buddy waiting for me after work, and I can't say I'd change anything about it. All this time later, I'm still an Arizer fangirl!
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    Underdog Log Vapes

    So I'm listening to music and I realize I need to dump my current stem. I grab my lil' AVB bag. It's oddly heavy. I have a moment of "wow, how much I go through?!" before it comes close enough for me to realize that I picked up a similar bag containing bath bombs. Truly, a "you know you're high...
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    Underdog Log Vapes

    Yup! I don't suck my weed into the stem anymore, I just pick up a couple of pinches and lightly place in the glass gong. I found that I was overpacking if I sucked it up (I have great lung capacity, lol). Now that I'm dialed in with the long gong and j-hook my only issue is actually getting...
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    How do you vape in public?

    Gotta give to the Air for being sleek enough where it basically looks like I'm using an e-cig. The people that know me know I'm nerdy enough to have a 'high-tech' model and it doesn't get noticed as being different. I wouldn't use it in a building, but outside, no worries. I can't wait for...
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    Underdog Log Vapes

    So I got my SS stem and j-hook today (again, killer fast service!) and while I like the SS- better than glass direct draw for me, on par with the nylon- me and the j-hook get along nicely. It reminds me of my first bowl, way back when. I love the mouthpiece and the silent performance. Options...
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