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    Help handling vape reclaim?

    Look out for the non-bonded silicone (aka not woven like the baking sheets), because it can interact with solvents, and it is porous, to a certain extent. I used to use a silicone bunny cake pan until it started getting stained, and I started researching silicone. Best way to use reclaim...
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    JyARz Storage Containers

    @JyARz : any chance for a version with 92mm clearance inside? That would fit a standard Vapcap, plus a cut-down doob-tube, and be the ultimate in smell-proofing. If that’s too long, maybe 75mm? That’s the size of an “xs VC”, aka a body with no mouthpiece and the condenser jammed up into the tip?
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    If you had to keep only 1....

    Spoken like a true acolyte of Zion!! Jah bless! With a tubo, omnivap, & Zion in my lineup, I’d have to go with a VC stem from @stardustsailor - all titanium but the o-rings, doesn’t need a condenser, & can probably stop a bullet.
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    Dynavap VapCap ti 7 fin, 4th gen. Tip (possibly updated)

    1 for me! Tried to resist the hype but ya got me, @Squiby !!!
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    Using an enail to vape dry herb

    Check this out:
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    Interplanetary Development

    What is the silo made of? Common sense says: Anodized aluminum, like other ID products...?
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    Help VapCap M Please

    Just (try to) vape it some more and then eat it if still no effects. Eating will have effects for sure. How have you loaded the hash? Try a rice sized piece of hash inside of a pea sized ball of cotton. It’ll be very hard to combust with that (like torch it 5 seconds past the click- don’t do...
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    Vape for Moroccan hash - for 98lb weakling

    Definitely another vote for the vapcap. I took three to Europe last year, used and left them behind in Amsterdam, Paris, and Rome, picked up lighters everywhere since they’re ubiquitous at cigar shops, breezed through airport security with 3 unused cigarette-shaped vapes. As @ataxian would say...
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    Discontinued Zion vaporizer

    @Dramma Lamma : do you feel like your extra airflow (air that flows when the bottom inlet is blocked) is contributing to the “too wide-open” airflow and “too weak/diffuse” heat that other users are describing? I did the test @Dramma Lamma described, covering the bottom inlet, and isolated the...
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    Dynavap VapCap

    @Willy : loving your fc journey! So familiar to lots of other members, I’m sure. So great to see someone hitting all the high notes of DV/VC development, from body selection through lighter discussion and into induction a la @Pipes, obligatory check-ins from @Squiby, @Summer & @cybrguy, even...
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    Sexual Harassment Accusations...

    Yeah.....everyone. Everyone is at risk of being sexually exploited, and everyone is at risk of abusing their power. Everyone who is afraid/ashamed to talk about this stuff is giving it more power. This news about Ray Moore is pretty insane too. Do you know what the proportion of women who were...
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    Sexual Harassment Accusations...

    if any male members of the fc community still have trouble grasping the depth and pervasiveness of this problem, just turn one of your closest female acquaintances (mother, sister, teacher, friend, supervisor, barrista, waitress, probation officer, or lover/girlfriend/wife) and ask her: “So...
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    Dynavap VapCap

    Don't get disheartened, @MAbud! The peanut gallery around here is very helpful but also has an unique sense of humor. Stick with us and you'll find it is never (100% NEVER - "be nice" is in the rules) meant negatively, it usually just reflects how some members are deeply immersed in the subject...
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