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    Purple-Days availability

    Ok, so you have no idea how many are PD... you are just guessing What if I told you there was more than 85 on the waiting list... :brow: Information is power but pretending you have it useless
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    Purple-Days availability

    How many are on the waiting list?
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    Purple-Days availability

    I think he is simple looking for a we taken 100 orders to this point ... we ship 25 a week so if you have an order in...expect to see it within the month etc...etc....etc Information is power....
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    Purple-Days availability

    How about a single update... Have you seen one???
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    Stick Around.... You are cheaper and it's Available... It's a BUYER'S market
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    Da Buddha

    It is amazing at what you do get for the price ... and the bags are awesome. There is not much to these DBV... so there is only two things I see and have seen go... Dimmer switch and the heating element but the support is great... either send it in for repair or if you are slightly handy...
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    Purple-Days availability

    I don't think that the order number is just for PD... Perhaps VapeNow will post a quick... there is XXX on the list type thing to give a gauge on where you are on the list
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    Vaporbrothers Vaporizer

    China knockoff--- I wouldn't use it :(
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    4 those that own VaperWarez

    Search it out... All answers come to those who search...:lol:
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    Discontinued Purple-Days Vaporizer

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    Da Buddha

    screen is super simple to change... slight bow in the screen slide in and use poker to push into place wet tube a little bit and push it in the wand as far as you can, when it drys it will be secure in the wand
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    Purple-Days availability

    Does it tell you where you stand in line?
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    VAPORTOWER review

    You don't get it.... They are asking you to proof read your post before posting and use punctuation.. So it is a big deal
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    Noobie questions :D

    check out the VaporGenie or the magic Flight Launch Box for around the same price and would probably work better... as far as the dizzy and sick thing... I'm not sure, I still 8 years away from my medical degree
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    Discontinued VRIPtech Heating Wand

    It's on there
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