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    Fulvic's Absolute Tek

    Well aware. A simple typo on my part misconceived what I may have intended to say; 'I'd love to try a closed extraction' but thanks for your profound insight.
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    BHO - I need a little advice please folks.

    'What you put in is what you get out.' Crappy, leafy, low-thc trim will usually result in darker, often runny oil. If it gets 'hard' as it cools, that's fine. It sounds like your results are more or less normal for the material. You can reach temps of 180f* and still effectively purge, depending...
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    Fulvic's Absolute Tek

    Thanks for this. Great writeup. It sounds like you have some sort of scientific background? One day I'd love to attempt absolute, but for now, crude open extractions do the trick. Any pictures?
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    Stan Lee with a couple of droids.

    Awesome picture Vicki. I would like to see more if you have any. :)
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    New $23 Titanium Crusher Nail

    You've missed my point entirely. :lol: Here is a chocolate chip cookie. This is something you might understand a bit more. mod note: The 1st line is acceptable. The 2nd crosses a line. There's no need to be insulting.
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    New $23 Titanium Crusher Nail

    No idea if it's ti or not, but this is the same nail I've seen in two headshops and the salesperson tried to convince me they were 'the newest Highly Educated'. Needless to say, I didn't buy either piece of bullshit. ;)
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    Tek Spiderman's Oil Extravaganza!

    You guys should just work on your scraping technique. It might seem like a hassle, but it's really not and should only take half a minute or two (not '20 minutes'...). While still warm and viscous I don't even need to apply heat, but if it does cool, a simple smear works fine. Get a proper...
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    BHO extraction on goes BOOM!

    Was he spraying indoors?What happened exactly here? Are people putting pyrex in the freezer for some reason? I hope no one was hurt. Please be careful everyone. Safety is #1.
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    Tek Spiderman's Oil Extravaganza!

    It sounds like some of you guys are using a lot of butane! General rule of thumb is 1 can = 1 oz. Some folks even get 2 oz out of it. Using excessive 'tane is going to cause problems purging and in your final product (not to mention wallet). If you find yourself needing to rerun material I'd...
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    Discontinued Purple-Days Vaporizer

    Hey guys, Awesome to check it out in here and see how popular this thing has become! I guess I'm going to have to get a costume for mine too! She's still got the pretty purple eye, glowing away. Time for a few sips. :)
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    Rate the song above you! (All Genres)

    Love the Blue Scholars. CFCF is good. Hadn't heard of them before. 9/10, crawdad. The video was great too... Here's a 'mix' of the two previous sounds. The Hoods 'Know No Other' feat. Tiny Skitz
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    What's in your Shrine? New Product market research.

    TOP notch DudeAbides! I look forward to Ver 2. Is it still in progress?
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    USB powered vapes

    USB powered, maybe not, but perhaps with sensors and controls streaming to your computer? Now THAT'd be worth looking into.... :)
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    Sold Items

    Up for trade/sale! Vapes for ultra-cheap! VaporBros 3g 18mm vapor-hose attachments if anyone is interested in covering shipping -- FREE!!! (by cleardome) Make an offer... Willing to bargain. Want it all to find a new, happy home. Sick of it collecting dust, and don't want to trash it ...
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    Dogs....ya gotta love em

    My dog had the grandiose idea to give a porcupine a smooch (again) this weekend... :rolleyes: 100+ quills in her muzzle. Her tongue was a pin cushion. They had to tranquilize her to stop her from wiggling around (the husky in her makes her unbelievably squirmy). She's totally wiped from the...
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