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    Artisan Vapes... Novelty, Superior, or Douchebaggary? Discuss...

    Besides vaping, I'm in several other hobbies where I get to use my hands (and spend way too much money). That sorta draws me to people who do the same, you know? Maker communities especially are full of people learning from each other or investing in each other, and I really like those aspects...
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    Discontinued Hopper io

    I think their lifetime warranty was their undoing. Too many custom faulty parts, too many repairs. They had no idea how difficult this business would be to run. They took the tech route of marketing > consistency. They could have hired help but they didn't want to cut the profits. The lifetime...
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    The Toad from Morwood

    I love finally being back into my hobbies and this being one of the first posts I see on my return. What a cute little Toad. I am still on the waitlist for nomad 2 but golly, is this a cutie. Definitely watching.
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    Fluxer Heaters, induction heaters for Dynavap

    The Flite looks amazing~! I actually have 18350s from a mech mod I bought recently, so I'm excited. Would there be a wooden case version of it available, or and is it gonna have the same (or different) colors than the FD? Oh, and will we get the option to get this if we're already on the list...
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    Alpine 2020/2021 - Induction Heater

    Oh wow, this thread is rough. At first I was really sad I didn't get to this IH during pre-orders, but now I'm not so sure. I almost bought it for 120 because of the form factor, so I"m really glad I read this all the way through. Thanks everyone for being dope enough to openly discuss your...
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    Guess the weight and win the Golden Scoop-n-Poke!

    I have no idea how much metal weighs at all. Uuuh.. 4.89g? Looking at the ohter guesses in the thread, I'm not holding my breath :rofl:
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    Discontinued The Grasshopper

    The worst part about the battery situation is that yeah, sure, you could ask for a refund, but you still need batteries if you want to continue to use your device at all. So we're kind of stuck waiting regardless. We just have to wait until we get them.
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    Discontinued Hopper io

    Very good point, I didn't even think about how this might be more difficult for non-US customers, given shipping and taxes. Hopefully they get more batteries in and some European distributors are able to provide them. But not having batteries available on release of their new product is kind of...
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    Favorite convection vape (as of June 2020)?

    Thank you! Is there a difference between the Glow 14, 18, and others? I think there was one other on the site when I looked. And I think I'd probably end up with the Stempod SI since it's significantly cheaper. I like the look of the Splinter, and the TetraX (though that seems to be out of stock...
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    Discontinued The Grasshopper

    Ooooooh! Oh, no, I went to the old site. But I getcha, I'm guessing the old site is a legacy site now... Thanks for lettin me know. Yeah, they should definitely put up a banner, or maybe redirect the old URL to the new site.
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    Discontinued The Grasshopper

    Well, uh, this is awkward... Anyway, I guess this post is directed @Hopper Labs! The OG hoppers and the IO are the exact same price. Is this on purpose, to encourage people to buy the IO? I was wondering if the OG hoppers were going to be discounted at all, or even discontinued, since it seems...
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    The D-Capper

    Saw this thread and bought it immediately. I've been looking for a debowler for forever. but so many of them are either plastic! This one actually has metal prongs, yes! The only thing I would like is a magnetic top to close it, but I think I could probably make that myself or 3D print one.
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    Dynacrafts Hand Made Wooden Stems For Dynavap

    I hate that you lost your passion the way you did, Kiwi. Your work is gorgeous. Reading about how much you loved it really hurts my heart. I'm not sure if woodwork is like clay, but where I live, you can partner with a local school to use their resources for a time if needed (clay, kilin, etc.)...
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    Favorite convection vape (as of June 2020)?

    Would I be able to use the stempod or dreamwood glow with the Aegis solo (100w)? And of both vapes, which do you prefer? I'm partial to wood, so I'm digging the look of the dreamwood, myself. I've seen so much love for the tinymight lately! I love the look of the Milaana3, too. Gosh, I love...
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    Fuck you !!!

    I want a job I want a job I WANT A JOB I WANT A JOB I AM SO MAD I WANT A JOB HOW DO PEOPLE EVEN GET HIRED AFTER COLLEGE WHAT IS THE POINT I NEED A JOB Fuck linkedin, too, I hate social media, and now I'm forced to make one, fuck that
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