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    Instant Pot - Decarb & Extract

    Based on comments @vonfatman and @hroark , I decarbed (and I guess infused) some shatter in the Instanpot. Used 3g of shatter and about 30ml of coconut oil/sunflower lecithin mixture (probably 4:1-ish). Put all of that into a mason jar, sealed it, and used high pressure for 90 minutes. Once...
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    Completed [H] Taroma Lite Plus [W] $200 Paypal G&S USA

    Selling my Taroma Lite Plus. This is the Titanium version. Includes the head, PID, 3mm rubies (enough to fill the head plus several extra), a used coil, a brand new coil, 18mm glass bowl, 14mm glass bowl, and handle. The vape works very well and is in great condition. The head has turned a...
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    Completed [H] Firewood 8 [W] $200 Paypal G&S - US

    Selling my FW8. It is in great conditions and functions well. Included is the FW8, 2 batteries, 2 capsules, a small bag of replacements parts, and the instructions. Fair warning, I can't get the capsules clean. They are stained, but have not odor. Can't get the stain out of the ceramic...
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    Phase3 Vaporizers

    This is the method I use to seat the screen:
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    Phase3 Vaporizers

    I have a similar reducer from Oregon Glass Blower. The stock screens work well in it and the ZX appears to mate perfectly to it. I do feel I get slightly better performance with the stock adapter compared to the OGB reducer. The stock adapter feels slightly more restrictive on the intake...
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    Zeal and Ω

    Does anyone have any insight on how a coil with 5 wraps changes the user experience compared to a coil with only 4 wraps? I have been happy with my Zirconia Zeal using a 4 wrap coil. Just received the SS Zeal kit and noticed the coil has 5 wraps. Curious how that impacts vapor production...
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    Completed [H] Tafee Bowle [W] $125 Paypal G&S - USA

    Selling my Tafee Bowle. It works well. Also includes metal and plastic grinder, a total of 9 pots, charger with cable, and a few of the original repairs pieces. Asking $125 via Paypal Goods and Services. USPS Priority shipping included. Pics:
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    Completed [H] Tinymight 1.5 [W] $110 Paypal G&S - USA

    Selling my Tinymight (ver 1.5). Purchased directly from Tinymight on 1/27/22. Comes with short stem, cooling unit, battery, usb cable, and some replacements parts. Asking for $110 via Paypal Goods and Services. Priority shipping to the US included. Pics:
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    Phase3 Vaporizers

    Count me in for a matching bowl
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    Firewood Vaporizer

    What is the best way to use concentrates with the Firewood 7 and/or 8? I only use them with flower. The FW7 is one of my favorite vapes and is what use for my "adventure" vape. I also have a FW8, but haven't liked it as much mainly due to the capsules. Although I do like the cleanability of...
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    TinyMight / TM 2

    On my TM1.5, I put the positive side of the battery in first when inserting. That makes the positive side on the bottom of the device and the negative side on the top. I used the same orientation as described above when testing the TM2 cap on the TM1.5. However, the battery is reversed on...
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    TinyMight / TM 2

    The TM2 battery top does screw into the TM1.5 slot. The TM1.5 does the battery strength vibrations when the TM2 top is screwed down. The TM1.5 also turns on with the 3 clicks of the fire button with the TM2 top. That is as far I went with the test though. I did not try to take a hit as I don't...
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    The Nomad From Morwood

    Thanks @Razhumikin and @papapotbelly ! It does look like the wood stem will work as a WPA. Need to find my 14mm to 18mm adapter to use with my main jhook. I also have a TRWW tip for a Tinymight that should work as well. Need to get some thinner orings to confirm though. With this tip, I...
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    The Nomad From Morwood

    Thanks @jbm ! Had to change the search to Nomad, but that was an easy change. This is an awesome tip not only for this question, but for future searches as well. With that said, I couldn't find much on a glass WPA. Talks about a wood one though. If anyone has any info on a glass WPA, please...
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    TinyMight Ordering & Shipping Thread

    Thanks @VGOODIEZ ! That is exactly what I was wanting to know!! And I 100% agree about UPS and USPS. I always use USPS when given a choice.
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