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    Cannabis News Been a regular and well-managed user for more than 50 years. Had a decent family life and a highly successful career--never got stoned once before or during work over a long professional life--but smoked nearly every eve and...
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    Athlete Vaporists?

    Ha ha ha. After many years, I'm automatically discreet even though its legal and sold to adults here in Canada and in the states next to me(Maine and Mass) at my other place in NH. Now my problem is its too tasty and too strong.
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    Athlete Vaporists?

    I think that's exactly right. We need to find the right balance of techniques that work for us.
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    Athlete Vaporists?

    I smoked cigarettes for more than 50 years, pack or so a day, rarely much more and rarely much less. I smoked pot for nearly as long, often every evening, though I've never been a wake and bake to bedtimer. Never smoked before or during work ever. During all that time I was an avid biker...
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    Cannabis News
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    What constitutes a microdose?

    My flower vape's oven holds .08 to .09 grams and can be pushed to hold nearly .15. 06 to .08 with dosing caps. When I'm into reducing my intake whether because I'm coughing or running low on weed or trying to reduce my tolerance, I add little screens which curve into the bottom and top of the...
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    Cannabis News
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    Athlete Vaporists?

    For all my at home usage, which is probably two thirds of my cannabis intake, I've put carbon filters and water between the vape and my lungs. My vape goes directly into a Grav inline carbon filter then into my bubbly dab rig(either a double recycler or a large Mobius sidecar matrix) then...
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    Athlete Vaporists?

    Had my annual physical on Friday, complete with extensive testing, given that I'm 74 with typical issues. At the end, the doctor joked that I'm one of only two of his older patients that got younger this year because my test results were improved in all five categories we're monitoring--and I...
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    Cannabis News Wedding spirals into chaos after bride allegedly laced food with pot:)
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    S&B Dosing Capsules

    I bought my OG Crafty five years ago, the week that the dosing caps first came out. I'm a hiker, biker, snowshoer, xc skier, etc. and live in two wild cold and windy places. I wanted something easy to use and load in those conditions. I haven't been disappointed. I recently got a Crafty +. I...
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    Cannabis News

    A lot of investors are going to be losers. There's simply too many growers and to many dispensaries, at least in the two closest legal states to me, Mass and Maine. My friend counted more than 30 dispensaries, medical and adult, on the two hour drive from Portland to here(NH/Maine border), and...
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    Cannabis News Excellent article. Great read while high:)
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    Cheap, high-quality bubbler??

    Just want folks to know how much I'm enjoying my four column recycler after a month of use. Of my ten or so bubblers, this is now the one I reach for: Fantastic cooling yet excellent taste. Cools as well or better than my bigger and huge bubblers but tastes like my smallest bubblers. I think its...
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    Cannabis News

    Tonight(Wed.) on PBS Nova series at 9:00pm(and other times): The Cannabis Question "Cannabis contains chemicals which mimic ones found in our brain. One is THC, which produces the high associated with pot use. Another, called CBD, shows promise for treating seizures, addiction, and insomnia...
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