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    Vapes on Planes - Traveling With Vaporizers

    Yung leaner, you brought your volcano? I've traveled with my pax and about about 14 g of mj - I used to be super paranoid and clean everything and hide the pot inlayers of socks etc - now I just throw it in with my toiletries and don't give it a thought. But I was always afraid to bring the...
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    How many TRUE combustion-fuckers?

    started vaping in 2008 got a volcano right out of the gate. I always detested smoking and hated that aspect of getting high - although I was a great great joint roller. The second I heard about vaping I was sold. I got an iolite and then a pax for travel - never combusted ever again.
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    Iolite vaporiser

    Hey -- I use volcano at home and iolite when not at home. (take it whenever I travel, never a problem with airplane security btw). I tried to search this topic but didn't find anything, so sorry if it's been addressed before, but... It seems to me that while I get high, eventually (many small...
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    Need a vaporizer, but it needs to be stealthyyy

    I don't care for the LB, I have one and it combusts the weed as often as it vapes it -- turns black. The tiniest amount of vapor very annoying. Takes forever to get high. But I probably didn't practice enough because I got an Iolite at the same time. the Iolite is a better product in my...
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    How often do you vaporize?

    Usually once in am just before working out; sometimes again around 4pm when kids get home from school (for patience and tuning in) but only rarely. If you do it and then work out hard I find the high lasts longer but maybe its just my imagination or endorphins. I don't get high at night...
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    How often do you combust?

    Hey Mom of the Goons, I'm going on 36 years of "using" and once I vaped on my volcano I never smoked again, except at a party. I never smoked cigarettes and always hated combustion. No more cough in the AM! I agree with Steiner 666 that I don't really want word to get out -- I mean, I can...
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    What Vape(s) do you Own?

    Started with volcano, love it extremely. Wanted portable, so bought Iolite. I like it okay, but damn you have to fill it constantly. That "two hours" is bullshit. Also it seems to vape long after shutdown. I turn it off after five hits or so, when I return the whole bowl is brown. LB...
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    Iolite vaporiser

    When I refill with butane it runs and spills all over the place, down the side of the unit, on my hands etc. I know it was empty before I refilled because it stopped working. As soon as I did this sloppy procedure and got butane all over the place, wiped it off, then it was working again. But...
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