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    High capacity portable?

    Can confirm. The nova holds a massive amount and gives truck sized hits.
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    Xmax Starry GIVEAWAY!

    Starry is such a nice workhorse it's hard to improve at that price point. That being said, taste and "vapor path" are a big deal to me. I added the ceramic wpa as a mouthpiece and it vastly improved the experience and cleaning. Consider making the *AIRPATH* cleanable. I never used my starry...
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    High temp vs low temp. Health concerns over the long term.

    The fact that it never occurred to me that you were anything but a very polite native english speaker is a huge compliment to your communications skills. Thanks for clarifying the hot air comment!
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    DaniVape by Battery-free Ganz

    The dani is a solid vape, not just a good value. You did well, and will enjoy it.
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    Pax 1/2/3

    The plugs aren't ghetto, they are minimal. And they allow you to turn the device on without touching the mouthpiece area, which is a killer app for me. :)
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    High temp vs low temp. Health concerns over the long term.

    @Marlox your post seems to conflate vapor temps with vaping temps, which is device dependent and weakens your argument. I'm curious what you typically vape with? Agreed that super hot temp gases probably aren't the best to inhale. How people smoke from bowls is beyond me. Vapor is nice that...
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    DaniVape by Battery-free Ganz

    I googled "universal vape to bong adapter eu" and several stores pop up. Many are oval opening so make sure you don't get that. Something like this is popular, though I've never tried it.
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    DaniVape by Battery-free Ganz

    That's pretty much how mine is. The body itself is large enough to stop it, but it's not a feasible option and I don't want to scratch it up on the glass joint. You'd be better off throwing a fat oring on there, or getting one of the silicone universal adapters.
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    Multi-brand HEALTHY RIPS FURY

    Or adding the ability to clean the airpath. There is an edge rebrand that has had the magnetic slide in feature and cleanable airpath for years.
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    Vapexhale Hydrobase alternatives

    Check DHGATE. There are loads of waterpipe bases specifically for hydrotubes like you want. Search "cloud" or "hydratube" edit: I was curious so I just found one for you
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    Help me enjoy vaping more

    When done right vaping gives the exact same desired effects as smoking. Any "you have to ween yourself off of the smoking feeling it will never be like that" is nonsense. Sure you miss the burning coughing pain, but that's not what people are talking about. It's always people like you and me. I...
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    Dani BFG vs Anvil Vestratto

    V3 airflow is really great. I think my packing style has more to do with the airflow at this point. Obviously different people want different things, but it's way more open than the V2 (which I also like for stem use). I'd say if you are used to a dynavap, even with airport open, you'd be...
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    DaniVape by Battery-free Ganz

    If your lighters, torch or not, seem to all die and be unreliable; you aren't purging them before refill. Full stop. Go purge and repair all your "broken" lighters! I got one of those Ronxs last prime day and it's Just Okay. The flame level never stays where it was last and you have to change...
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    do all vape taste shite??

    Yeah, I originally got into vaping for efficiency, stealth, and simply how much more potent effects you can get over smoke. Kind of amazed I spent so long combusting after getting a vape, but then I only had an MFLB at the time. Once I got something stronger like a DBV, I had no reason to go...
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    DaniVape by Battery-free Ganz

    I got my v3 from Wes (thedaniusa) and he was so amazing to work with. I'll definitely use him on future dani purchases.
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