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    Discontinued Loto Labs Lux (formerly Evoke)

    Just got the following email; only $480!!! IT’S GONNA BE MAY! And with May approaching, there’s no better time to treat yo’ self to the ultimate dabbing experience with a Loto Legend. The Loto Legend delivers maximum speed and potency with every dab through the union of cutting-edge design and...
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    Dynavap VapCap

    Same here for glass only. And just ordered extra parts and a BB9 for 420 as well. :cheers:
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    Dynavap VapCap sale linked above is selling out rather quickly, lol. if you are considering might want to pull the trigger.
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    Help me find a portable vape for loose tobacco

    Some of the things that can be triggers for migraines and/or clusters are used by savvy sufferers to manage the same. I have both. I have a rough tobacco dedicated vapecap. Below included because they are an excellent cluster...
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    The Nova FX by Ardent

    My experience waaay back in the day was outstanding CS; except when they get slammed during a huge sale. Even then they were very good, just slow.
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    The Nova FX by Ardent

    I got mine whilst they were scaling up and scrambling to meet demand. My replacement worked fine for quite a while until I tested it to destruction. "I did many back to back runs at full capacity for the same reasons, and...
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    The Nova FX by Ardent

    OK then. I had mixed results with my own Nova use. But obsessive research and the experiences of users here convince me I just had shite luck in that regard. It happens with the best of products. And better me than someone without free meds. As a result I've uped my rough and ready old dude...
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    The Nova FX by Ardent

    Heck of an Xmass sale;
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    Kratom Help

    That makes a huge difference for me. My experience is kratom tolerance builds much faster than poppy based meds.
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    Kratom Help

    How water, steep, filter?
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    Weird News Stories of the Day.....

    Took yours off in a hurry?
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    What's your favorite torch or lighter to use with the Vapcap?

    Nooo! While objectively I understand that nobody cares anymore about my who/what/why from " back in the day" Im pushing my anonymity comfort zone as it is.
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    What's your favorite torch or lighter to use with the Vapcap?

    Keeping in mind that I mostly use a portside? My lighter of choice is a 40 year old cold war intell unit zippo case with a twin jet insert.
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    Illinois and weed

    Am I the only one that read it as from Costco?
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