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    The Grasshopper

    I have not yet figured out the mysteries of the PWM tech in the hopper and the few issues I had with different hopper ends and bodies working or not. Your link above on reducing distortion and noise in a pwm circuit transmission probably has the answer to my hopper issues. I actually picked up...
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    How did Donald Trump Win? Fight the Trump Agenda! We're hiring Full-Time Organizers 15/hr! (Seattle) hide this posting compensation: $15-22/hr. employment type: part-time internship non-profit organization Washington CAN! is our state's oldest and largest Grassroots...
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    How did Donald Trump Win?

    Fuck it... Here is one possability. "On the app, Brigade CEO Matt Mahan explains, people share their pledge and invite their friends. "It's a little bit of a change from what most people are used to. People don't go around in the offline world broadcasting [whom] they're voting for," he says...
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    Fuck you !!!

    <----. 1776,,. Fuck it, it's a good stopping point, as any. Good luck FC.
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    Favourite Quotes

    We moved already.
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    Good Videos to watch when you're Vaked!!

    Peace out.
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    The 2016 Presidential Candidates Thread

    I have asked you questions and you ignore me.. then you ask a half dozen more questions . It's cute. I have answered you Reggie. I want the truth, then I want due justice. I think the problem is so sytemic and it's from the top (Obama) down, all the way to the lowest poll workers. I really...
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    The 2016 Presidential Candidates Thread

    Let's start by admitting there is a problem and try to work it through ok? You go first. How bad is it? (We don't know yet but it looks bad) What to do? ( Open eyes and look., find out, investigate, get to the bottom) Go from there. I am done with you here Reggie.
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    The 2016 Presidential Candidates Thread

    Fuck trump. He is not worth my time here... This is election fraud by my party. Let's just ignore it..
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    The 2016 Presidential Candidates Thread

    This is exactly like arguing for man made climate change in a room full of science denier's.. I got better things to do I guess Kim. If enough of you keep ganging together to attack me, it will make it easier for the mods.
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    The 2016 Presidential Candidates Thread

    Are you kidding me now? Yes, the 3 sites that are brave enough to expose the truth are more valid than all the other site colluding to conceal the truth. Fuck yes ---- It's more like "invasion of the body snatchers/idiocracy thread than "whoa is me" thread.. lol
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    The 2016 Presidential Candidates Thread

    Where exactly? The links I posted? That's not the media.
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    The 2016 Presidential Candidates Thread

    Personally, I want the media to talk about it now, not later. Everyone needs to be accountable and election fraud is no different( I think it's worse really) than pay to play. We were robbed. It's clear now. Burn it all down. Start fresh.
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    The 2016 Presidential Candidates Thread

    Debates.. no comment. You all really need to start wondering what is in the Sept 13 DNC leaks that has them all panicked enough for Nancy Pelosi to reach out to Paul Ryan and the RNC with this request, back in July, because they are working together now to keep it buried tight...
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    The 2016 Presidential Candidates Thread

    At least your world right now, is right side up, for you, right now. My world is already up side down, backwards with 12 different folds. Your words, could easily be my words, with a different view... :peace: All of this season has hurt my personal beliefs. But it is important to me to get...
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