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    Arizer XQ2

    I’ve tried without much success to narrow the gap and increase the heat. With other desktops I’ve used the heater slides into the bowl, or vice versa, forming a tight seal. But that’s hard with the EQ heater design. The heater itself also seems relatively underpowered.
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    Replacement for Fury 2

    I like the Fury2, but I think the Pax2 is more versatile and rugged, especially with the half pack lid
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    Arizer XQ2

    No matter what you do there will always be a gap between the heater and your herb because of the cyclone bowl. You can reduce the distance through the size of the bowl you use, but there's always a gap
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    Silver Surfer Vaporizer

    That's the opposite of my goal
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    Arizer V-Tower

    Which other desktop vapes have you tried.
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    Arizer V-Tower

    with the Arizer desktops, the temperature on your readout has very little relation to the temperature your flower is exposed to.
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    Highest temp you use with for flower.

    Don’t confuse the fictional number on your V Tower screen with the amount of heat your flower is exposed to.
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    What would be your Trinity of vapes?

    I usually roll with a log (HI, Nano, Underdog) a whip vape (Silver Surfer, Da Buddha, Ditanium) and an injector style (DCelev8R). I like to sneak in a Sticky Brick Runt, too.
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    Ditanium vaporizer

    They hit about the same.
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    Ditanium vaporizer

    The Ditanium is similar to the SSV/DBV insofar as they're all whip vapes with ceramic rod heaters. The Ditanium adds a quartz dish for concentrates.
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    What were your 4/20 acquisitions?

    1/2 oz of Korova Utopia Haze and a coil DCElev8r from vgoodiez
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    How Do You Classify and Select Your Dispensary Flower?

    I agree. It’s a crap shoot. Numbers mean next to nothing. I try to find a dispensary or two I like, and if I find a strain(s) and producer that give me the results I’m looking for I stick with them.
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    Is the lotus vape gone forever?

    I think the Lotus can be a commercial success if it’s marketed properly
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    Is the lotus vape gone forever?

    I believe the Vapor Genie butane vape was introduced in 2002
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    Is the lotus vape gone forever?

    Studies typically address health risks as a response to toxic events. In the absence of demonstrated dangers there’s little incentive for research.
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