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    Arizer Solo II

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    Interesting News, Articles & Stuff
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    Interesting News, Articles & Stuff
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    X-Max Ace Vaporizer by TopGreen

    I fully agree regarding the bowl size and silicon. My Ace og seems to have an issue with the amount of vapor. There seems to be a leak somewhere in the mouthpiece.
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    Vaporizers To Be Banned In US Mail

    I always source Canadian vendors to avoid any duty and border issues, working so far.
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    COVID-19 News
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    Vaping Hash

    I have access to crumbly Afghani and creamy Moroccan I just wanna play but not combust. I have a 20 M but no coil the mighty has been on my wish list for a while but a little over my pay grade.
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    Vaping Hash

    Is there a optimal vape for Hash that will extract well without combustion.
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    Cannabis News

    A mistake with a incredibly harsh and cruel penalty.
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    Cannabis News
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    COVID-19 News Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro tried to make the virus disappear using similar tactics.
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    Cannabis News
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