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    Anvil by Vestratto

    Is there a link to a place where I can buy one of these?
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    Pax 1/2/3

    I am pretty happy with my Pax3. I have been on vacation for 8 months and all I brought with me was 2 PAX3's, and a Fury Edge. The mouthpiece on the Edge stopped attaching so I bought a Rogue on 4/20 but the draw is not what I want. SO.... I have been using my 2 Pax3's almost exclusively and I am...
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    Anyone familiar with the Palm Springs California area?

    I have been planning a move to CA for some years and we are finally leaving next week. We really wanted to live in Santa Barbara but the homes are soooooo expensive. We are looking anywhere from Pismo and SLO, all the way down to San Diego but as a starting point, we are looking at Palm Springs...
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    Tommy Chong Autographed XVape Aria Giveaway

    I first saw them at Miami University in Oxford Ohio in 1972.
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    The Chinese SJK Induction Heater and The VapCap

    Someone with a 3D printer could probably work up some nice cases.
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    Q-Unit or Q-Cup Vaporizer?
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    HAMR portable dab rig

    Wow, 60 bux. Can I ask where you got it?
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    Completed FREE Tahoe Laser Engraved Grinder Free with purchase.

    I have my last 3 vapes for sale here at FC. If you buy any one of those vapes, I will include, absolutely free this beautiful laser engraved Tahoe Grinder as seen on TV (well, OK as seen at LOL) An $18.95 value. :) Here are the links to the 3 vapes I have for sale. XMax II V2 Pro...
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    Hey bud. I don't post in the forums any more but if you want to know about making oil water...

    Hey bud. I don't post in the forums any more but if you want to know about making oil water soluble, search maltodextrin. I did a couple threads on it at ICMag and Grasscity. If you can't find them, let me know and I'll try to find a link. Peace, Hack
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    Completed XMax II Pro Like New in Box $49 FREE Ship CONUS PayPal.

    I am continuing to thin the herd. Up next is my XMax II Pro. Virtually used 2 or 3 times it is like new. Includes the original (removable) battery and all the original accessories as show in the pictures and including the wall adapter and USB cable (not shown in the pics). Here is a link to a...
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    Completed Joyetech Cuboid Mini with Quartz Quest from Divine Tribe $39 FREE Ship CONUS PayPal

    This is a very lightly used Joyetech Cuboid Mini and a like new Quartz Quest. The Cuboid Mini works perfectly as does the Quartz Quest. Both include all the original accessories. The Quartz Quest has a tiny flaw at the end of the tiny downpipe on the mouthpiece. It was like that when I bought...
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    Completed Boundless CFC 2.0 Like New in Box $49 Free Ship CONUS PayPal

    This is a Boundless CFC 2.0. Like many of the vapes I have sold, this was only used a handful of times. So, it is like new in the original box with all the original accessories (including the water pipe adapter). As always, everything I sell is 100% guaranteed to be as shown and described. $49...
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    Completed Stache RIO Version 1 $125 FREE Ship CONUS PayPal

    I have both the version 1 and the version 2 so I am selling this version one. Everything works fine. Looks like whatever original dab tool was included is missing. Otherwise, I think this one is like new with everything else. I don't think I ever used the stock banger. I always use the round...
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    Rio Portable Dab Rig by Stache Products

    Duh, OK, I was looking for an entire forum, not a thread. Sorry 'bout that. If you want you can delete that post (and this one). Thanks
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    Rio Portable Dab Rig by Stache Products

    Can't seem to load pics to a DM and I swear we has a "test post" forum around here somewhere but I can't seem to find it. So, excuse me for a moment while I post a couple pic to link to my PM. Thank you
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