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    Discontinued InVerzion Vaporizer

    "The Thanksgiving no one remembers." I look forward to it!
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    The WOODEN Vaporizer Thread

    It's perfect for bricks.
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    O'Connell Woodworks Vaporizers

    Noisy Cricket is a great vape!
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    The WOODEN Vaporizer Thread

    Another Noisy Cricket:
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    They're kind of surprising: you end up liking and using it more than you'd think. It's a nice object and you kind of make a personal connection with it; it's like something you carry in your pocket for twenty years and can't imagine being without. That and it can make the best flavor and get...
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    Do it!
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    Da Buddha

    I have read others' accounts and it sounds a little trickier to do than with the SSV but with the same outstanding results. It seems like it more or less turns it into a one-hitter, though, as the lower settings become so powerful it takes most of the dial out of play,. I kind of like the...
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    Da Buddha

    Fog tower:
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    Cheap, high-quality bubbler??

    I'm still lusting after this MFer:
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    VHB Slide

    Yes, indeed. I hope you enjoy it! Here's the OG (Sandcastle) in action:
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    VHB Slide

    I think that one might be boro, VHB Slide is quartz. The Slide should stand up to torching better.
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    Collyland Aromatizer (formerly Vapbong by Art of Vapor)

    Cheers, Vapbongers!
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    Dreamwood DLX series One/Pro/M Bongvaporizer

    It mixes in a small amount of cool air to cause turbulence just as it enters the chamber. It increases hot-air contact with herbs, if I understand. Sticky Bricks have them as well. Oh! Maybe one of those long wooden Peace Pipes (the Club, I think)? He used to be on Etsy but appears to be...
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