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    Whip Tubing - All Your Questions Answered!

    I've got the Volcano Hybrid and love the whip/hate the mouthpiece, also have the Megaglobe MK2 and am kinda bored by the mouthpiece. Any suggestions/recommendations on alternative mouthpieces?
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    Volcano Hybrid

    Just picked a Hybrid up. Love it already, but need to organize a bit to make it really work. Was wondering if there were any stands or anything I could put it on to get it up a little off the desk. The base doesn't really get hot, right? Was thinking of getting a monitor riser or a desktop...
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    Arizer XQ2

    I'm interested in the XQ2 but the reviews are a little mixed. Some people are saying it hits hard, some people are saying it is slow and wispy. Some people are saying the bags have wonderful flavor, some people say it's stale. I don't wanna spend a ton of money, but I'd like to have a desktop...
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    Divine Tribe atty's

    Bought the Hubble Bubbler for the V5, but I'm struggling a bit with filling it. I don't like using tap water -- tastes a little weird, not as cold as I'd like -- but that seems like it's the only real way to fill the piece through the tiny tiny hole. Are there teeny tiny funnels I could use to...
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    Sneaky Pete Globes

    Just ordered the mk2 for my dry herb vapes. Was wondering if there might be a way to attach my dtv5 to this thing too without a BB. (Will get one eventually but have to temper the spending for a bit)
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