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    PAX Era by PAX Labs

    what other types of extracts would you most closely compare its: 1. multi-dimensional effects aspect ? 2. texture/flow 3. Flavor level besides the apropos term “rosin distillate” ?

    Discontinued Thermovape Cera

    Does anyone here still have their lovely ceramic CERA still working as a legit part of their current rotation ? I recall early on, this was the first portable, that I considered to be the legitimate health-first successor to the Storz & Bickel Volcano….

    ***Gamers*** What are you playing?

    Pretty much the same games I played when I was 10-12 Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike Street Fighter 3: 2nd Impact Street Fighter Alpha 3 Marvel vs Capcom 2 Marvel vs Capcom Pocket Fighter Vampire Savior Tetris Party Deluxe Rayman Origins Saturn Bomberman

    PAX Era by PAX Labs

    Is it conclusively CRC rosin ? Or light colored rosin, mixed with clear solventless ?

    PAX Era by PAX Labs

    Did anyone in Cali try those new LIVE ROSIN PAX PODS ? Are you in Cali ? Cali has live rosin pax pods directly from PAX now

    PAX Era by PAX Labs

    My brother from another !!!! What temps comprise your range they the course of any given day ? So, after one finishes clearing the locked pax completely of every last trace of terp vapor as the heat dissipates ..... how soon will it unlock again, ready to draw, without being prompted by...

    Introducing the Linx Hypnos Zero!!

    Ceramic chamber concerns are from studies mostly regarding people working in ceramic factories, where they are inhaling rather large quantities of airborne ceramic dust on a literal daily basis. Concerns with ceramic buckets or ceramic coils are minimal at worst, even in scenarios where ceramic...

    Puffco wax pen

    The real key to extending Puffco ceramic chamber lifespan, is when doing a big deep clean, hold it upside down, so the alcohol doesn't leak down thru lower seam between walls and lower heating floor. Also, do not put ANY downward pressure onto the lower heating plate. Ever. The floor will...

    Saionara Atomizer thread

    Who here knows of a true competitor to Dicodes Dani, for a stainless stick mod which would work with accurate temp control on a top airflow Sai ? To make a nice seamless all stainless low temp workhorse ?

    PAX Era by PAX Labs

    Dope. Did anyone else do likewise with a different anti-lint case ? Also, are there definitive tutorials on refilling Pax Era Pods ? Does Pax or a 3rd party make borosilicate glass/quartz pods yet that still work flawlessly with an accurate readout, with the Era's smartphone temp control ? I...

    Linx Blaze

    Nah I took a rather long tolerance break, but am coming back swinging yo! Still enjoy my Hypnos Zero, the ceramic chamber flavor is truly incredible. And it's durability and stainless finsih look good FOREVER. I still after several years have only broken one atomizer, but two of the...

    Source Orb Pen Vape

    Does anyone else use the Source Volt with Source’s newest Removabke Quartz buckets with the SS316 spiral coil beneath the quartz dish ? Wondering what temp limit and power settings are everyone’s favorites ? And if the imported quartz and American quartz needed slightly different settings to...

    PAX Era by PAX Labs

    ^ safe to assume it’s 400mg THC, in 500mg of total oil. So 80%THC, 2% CBD, likely a few percent of a few other cannabinoids, and 10-12% terps. Does anyone run these Era pods below 450’F ? With strict session control to clear cool down, terp-savoring, Ghost hits

    PAX Era by PAX Labs

    ^Yeah LLR (liquid live resin) is extracted from undried, fresh-frozen, live plants. So it will contain many more ephemeral terps with high volatility points than any extract from dried material, even dried nugs. My question is for anyone here, in regards to the accuracy of the smartphone temp...

    Source Orb Pen Vape

    Who else loves the clean modern unscratchable brushed stainless finish on this new SLIM XL ? Can't wait til the 31st when hopefully they will have these brushed stainless Slim XL's with their newest Silicon Carbide SourceNail atomizers in XL or XXL sizes ! (Pic from reddit/FlatulENTz)
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