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NewVape FlowerPot Twax Vaporizer

Discussion in 'Plug-in Vaporizers' started by natural farmer, Nov 17, 2016.

  1. Wildeyedzan

    Wildeyedzan Well-Known Member

    You're saying the original lollicap can e used on vrod?nice !
    Can anyone confirm if the 20mm sic dish is right for the 16mm setup ?been a while since I've looked on their site and there is so many parts now :0
    Thanks for any help :)
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2018
  2. Hogni

    Hogni Honi soit qui mal y pense

    Berlin, Germany
    BTW did anyone compare the performance of the - new - VRod carb cap to the D-Nail 2.0 cc on the D-Nail SiC Halo (and the new 28mm NV SiC)?
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  3. timeisforchange

    timeisforchange Member

    Yes I’m curious about the NV’s 28mm SiC dish’s performance and how well it’s cleaning up after more subsequent maintenance, can anyone relate? (Since this is what I’ll be getting because dnail SiC isn’t in stock atm)
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  4. VaporWare

    VaporWare Well-Known Member

    I know I’ve seen instructions from NewVape on how to put the handle together, either in this thread or on YouTube...they put mine together before shipping it, maybe because I mentioned in an email that I’d just broken my hand. Thanks @NewVape710 if that’s what happened! :)

    Basically though, the two halves of the handle go around the thin metal “handle” that comes out from the coil and maybe a little of the cord it’s attached too.

    Once you find exactly where you want it you screw it together (making sure it’s oriented in a way that’s comfortable to hold with the coil facing straight up and down), then thread the hemp cord through one of the other holes, tying a small knot to make sure the end doesn’t pull through. Wrap the cord in a single layer close together all the way to the other end of the handle, put it through the last hole and tie it off again. That should be it!

    If the ShowerHead isn’t fitting on the bowl you could be trying to put it on upside down, or you could have the nut on upside down (it should have a hollow area at the bottom where it goes over the top of the bowl.

    If the wider end of the nut doesn’t go over the bowl it must have been made a little too small, but that’s a very uncommon problem so hopefully taking another close look at how everything goes together in pictures/videos/diagrams should get things straightened out for you.

    Good luck! :)
  5. lazylathe

    lazylathe Almost there...

    SouthWest Ontario, Canada

    I am wondering if you lift the VROD after your hit or just leave the head on the bowl after your hit?
    Seem similar build up when the vapor travels back up a hot piece and is not removed.
    My Sub used to produce the same gunk if I did not remove the head after a hit.
  6. JCat

    JCat Well-Known Member Accessory Maker

    Ontario, Canada
    I’ve tried the DN 2.0 CC with the vrod, and I found you get a lot of buildup on the post threads really fast that you don’t get with the vrod cc. Efficiency was similar, giving the edge to the vrod one (when used on the vrod)

    I think the issue is with the vrod the post sits higher than on the dnail halo slim base, so due to this, it gets in the way I believe and affects the air flow negatively.

    I don’t actually have a halo slim base yet to compare, ordered over a month ago, and took forever just to get the base to realize that it didn’t include the nut, and have now been waiting weeks for that ... one of these days I’ll have it to compare ... but I can definitively say one should pair the vrod cc with the vrod and not the dnail 2.0 cc
  7. galo

    galo New Member

    Thank you so much! I’ve now found the video for the handle, and you were right, I had it upside down ‍♂️.
    Hope further contributions to the group will be less bird brained
  8. thekayo

    thekayo Well-Known Member

    It has been an actual thing in the past haha. 2 units were just not machined out enough by like a hair. glad that was not you! Let us know how it goes!
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  9. Wildeyedzan

    Wildeyedzan Well-Known Member

    20mm sic dish fits the 16mm setup ?? Doesn't say on the link but I'm guessing that's right. Can anyone confirm :bowdown:
  10. NewVape710

    NewVape710 Seeking Higher Ground Manufacturer


    this can be scraped clean with a pure titanium wedge dabber then soaked in alcohol. Using any metal other than grade 2 titanium will contaminate the titanium with lead deposits.
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  11. MAbud

    MAbud Well-Known Member


    From my experience, if you buy a coil and a handle then it comes put together and if you buy just the handle it doesn’t. Because you would still need to run your coil through it.
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  12. emmdeemo

    emmdeemo I am being the five years old.

    Holy shit! I've owned every iteration of the FP and never seen any thing like this. Not even close. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING? :D

    If you're leaving the head on between hits, you're cooking the weed which is going to be making this worse. I cant think of any other way this could happen? I dab all day every day and never get any kind of build up. Maybe I'm still getting through way less than you, my lungs are baby lungs.

    But wow, more than anything, I'd just be intrigued to know how this build up happened.

    EDIT: Just opened my VRod up, not even the tiniest amount of build up. I've been using it all day every day since I got it. Also just realised I never get any build up under the SiC dish either. I clean the SiC dish nearly every day, but I havent cleaned the VRod itself since the first day.

    Dont get me wrong, however you use it is up to you. No judgement, I'm just surprised :)

    Click to play YouTube Video
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2018
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  13. timeisforchange

    timeisforchange Member

    So I noticed the Vrod carb caps back in stock, ordered a reverse Vrod with NV 28mm SiC and shovel head. If it ships tomorrow it’ll be here for the weekend!! :drool:
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  14. emmdeemo

    emmdeemo I am being the five years old.

    You're not alone at that temp. If I'm doing flower, I have to be around those temps or my lungs soon complain and stop me from being able to breathe so good (my lungs are very touchy).

    At those temps, you may be able to get more mileage out of a bowl by NOT using the carb cap, and/or by using breath control to slow the rate of extraction but still get the clouds and effects, drawing so slow the perc in your glass only just starts to bubble. Or try without any water? Were you using the EQ with water or dry? The water could most definitely be stealing vapour.

    Also, I think theres a chance you just need to get used to the vape signature. I have a tendency to go really hard on new vapes and fill them to capacity and use them a lot, so I dont really have any period of acclimatising to a vapourisers signature.

    So I'd be tempted to go big and start filling bowls (if you have access to enough flower. Dont pack the bowls down at all, keep it loose, bruce), dont use the carb cap, stick to one draw speed only all the way thru the hit. At least that way you'll get over any vape signature hump pretty quickly.

    The fact you are after really specific effects is whats making this tricky I think. I'm not gonna give up yet tho :)
  15. invertedisdead

    invertedisdead High Standards

    The Full Spectrum
    Try 500-550 uncapped for those 350F~ish low temp heady sativa effects. This should be similar to a Volcano Classic on 5-6.
  16. Likes2vape

    Likes2vape Well-Known Member

    On top of a Magic Mountain
    Thanks it wiped right off with a qtip and a brush but now the head is frozen together stuck. No metal was used to clean it.

    Everyone else thanks for your concerns but that is just reclaim that has built up and carbonized. 10 dabs a day plus at least 10 bowls a day the reclaim starts to build up. I should of cleaned it sooner but have been super busy with work and moving. I also think up temp dabs cause more reclaim and I was doing those for awhile.

    Edit: I don’t any build up under the dish either but I do get build up around the retaining nut the holds the dish in place and stops it from moving.
  17. dynospec

    dynospec Well-Known Member

    Question for VRod owners who have also used/owned showerheads and Wraparound heads, does the VRod have the same wide open airflow as the showerhead, or does it have restriction like the WA, or is it maybe somewhere in the middle?
    Im just curious about how it is in terms of airflow, as one of the things Ive grown to love about the showerhead is that it has such amazing airflow.

    I also had another VRod question, with the VRod heads, is it still of utmost importance that a coil has 5 wraps minimum, or is a coil with 4 wraps likely to be adequate as long as it fits in the head properly?

    Still searching for my optimal temperature and draw speed, but its been fun experimenting to figure it out at least. @TheFatBastard I am coming from a EQ with a DDave mod as my previous daily driver, and I cant say I all of a sudden was getting higher than before. That said, it is much more efficient and has more power and thus capability to provide huge hits and with them huge effects. The EQ is by no means a bad vaporizer, especially with a DDave kit though so its not a night and day comparison.
    I have found that the flavour achieved with the flowerpot is quite exceptional, Ive tried the glass bowls with concentrates and it was awesome but havent used one with flower yet since I dont find any metallic taste from the Ti bowl.
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  18. TheFatBastard

    TheFatBastard Active Member

    Thanks a lot for all the help emmdeemo!

    Yes, I guess I was somehow "overreacting" to the FP since I had a lot of expectation about it after all I've readed.

    I only vape flower, and I have plenty of since I grow it myself (new harvest a week ago!, already curing), I love to vap because of the effects, I'm a musician so I love writing and composing when I'm in a good high, also love to relax and listen to music and watch live concerts.

    I've NEVER smoked.Not even a cigarretes.I've tried a joint time to time, but I hate combustion, can't stand it, and hate cigarrettes.So, discovering the world of vaping was like WOW!!!!!

    The extreme Q, being my first vape, took me to places I've never been before, and loved experimenting with different strains, etc.

    Then, it all become a little boring, couldn't get the same highs I used to (tolerance? Don't think so, I vape once or two times a week..) and the FP seemed to me like the next big thing, so I had a lot of expectations that weren't fulfilled at first.

    But now, I'm begining to discover some of the cool things thatthe FP can do.Yesterday I was vaping just like you say, 550, sloooow draw until some vape comes to the glass and then continue slowly.Decent clouds and very nice high with just 2 hits from a 1/3 filled bowl.Not a very big high, but a really nice one.:sherlock:

    Then, moved to 575 for a second bowl, and with barely 3 hits more, I was stoned.:science:

    I am happy with the FP, indeed, some forumites contacted me for buying in case I'd be interested on selling...but the FP is a keeper, still have a lot of tricks to discover for sure.

    Oh! And yes, I use the Mobius sidecar matrix with water (I fill it with water like half of it).

    I guess the strains have a lot to do about the high I'm searching definitely sativa high), and also the technique, but I'm guessing the FO is the right tool.And still can enjoy my Extreme Q from time to time for that long relaxed sessions;)

    Thanks, that's what I tried yesterday! 550, slow draw uncapped.Not very big clouds, but still decent clouds and nice effect!

    I'm really really curious about the temperatures / effects / extraction combinations with the FP, guess there is a lot of ground to cover!
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  19. Stonocrates

    Stonocrates Well-Known Member

    I didn't notice much difference in restriction when I switched from a SH to VRod. I almost never cap straight flower bowls, and I would describe my usual draw speed as "medium". I agree that the unrestricted airflow is one of the great things about the FP system. I run the controller at 700F for both dabs and flower, just got the NV SiC dish.
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  20. invertedisdead

    invertedisdead High Standards

    The Full Spectrum
    Have you ever tried exhaling into an LED light? It can be surprising how much vapor is actually there in a low temp heady vapor hit.
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  21. Roth

    Roth Pining for the Mountains

    Lighting really does play a huge role in making the vapor visible.

    I love vaping by a window with early morning sun shooting inside. You exhale massive, billowing plumes of vapor!
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  22. wildman420

    wildman420 The Most Interesting Monkey in the World

    I dont vape for clouds... Hit it where you feel comfortable and if you are getting the effects who cares what it looks like when you exhale. its all in the lighting anyways. Watch the vape critic on youtube and every device he uses shows way more vapor than I get but its in the lighting.
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  23. TheFatBastard

    TheFatBastard Active Member


    Learned that with the EQ, I was barely exhaling any vapour, thought it wasn't working...5 hits later I got so high I could barely stand up!
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  24. lasvideo

    lasvideo Active Member

    Las Vegas
    Im another non-cloud chaser. What attracted me to the Flowerpot was its design, performance and beauty. I am impressed by innovative engineering. And Vapes like the Vapexhale Cloud EVO and the Newvape Flowerpot are genius!
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  25. Wildeyedzan

    Wildeyedzan Well-Known Member

    Are there any USA based sites for flowerpot accessories that accept paypal?forgot that newvape doesn't do PayPal.
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