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7th Floor SideKick

Discussion in 'Portable Vaporizers' started by VAPORIZER22, Oct 14, 2015.

  1. Niteaf

    Niteaf New Member

    wish i had the same experience but mines stop working after about 3 hours
    it was brought from puffitup.com but instead of sending it back to them i send it to 7th floor
    they claim to have fixed and it did work for about another 3 hours and then stopped again
    i call 7th floor and spoke with someone who said they think its cause the batteries might be bad
    so they sent two new batteries and guess what nothing still not turning on so i sent it back again
    so to sum everything up i paid $255.00 (discount price) on a vaporizer that only lasted 3hrs and 6 all together please do not buy this vaporizer customer service is good but the vaporizer has a defect
    and if you have one thats new under the 30 day store warranty send it back to the store with your proof of purchase please dont be a fool like me and send it to 7th floor vape
  2. technique

    technique Well-Known Member

    Hi guys, I have very generously been gifted this vape by a friend.

    I was wondering if anyone had made a list of the special usage techniques I normally garner from you guys when I get a new vape.

    Also did anyone manage to make bigger clouds? I know this is silly and makes no difference and more likely wastes material but I do enjoy it none the less

    Thanks for the help as always
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  3. c76man

    c76man In search of the best terps and smoothest vapor

    Picked up a used Sidekick from the classifieds. I definitely don't think these are worth full price, but it fits a niche at the right price. I really like the mini bubbler with it. The stirring lid is pretty cool too. Flavor is pretty standard for a conduction vape. But the heatup time is quite nice.

    Not my favorite portable, but I think I'll keep it around for the cool
    portable bubbler and fast heatup time
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  4. Vitolo

    Vitolo Vaporist

    The Vapor Trail
    Hard to think of special technique tips.... the SideKick is a breeze...
    You can:
    • Fill it to the top... but do not tamp it down or pack it.
    • Stir after each hit to keep the good stuff coming.
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  5. BuzzDanklin

    BuzzDanklin Well-Known Member

    I just finished my review of the Sidekick portable vaporizer by 7th Floor - http://www.vaporizerwizard.com/sidekick-vaporizer-review/

    Overall its a solid device, but it's just not my favorite and I really wish it was priced a bit lower. It's a unit to consider for people who really value cool/smooth vapor, but not the unit for someone who puts an emphasis on flavor or clouds in my opinion. Let me know if you have any specific questions, or want me to take any more photos or do any comparisons.
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  6. stickstones

    stickstones Vapor concierge

    Hey gang...4/20 sale for 7th Floor details just sent to me for you guys! From what I understand the first four line items are special deals and the last one is a code to get 30% off site wide until 4/21. The sale started today!

    - Tidy Tips cotton swabs - 1-Pack $4.20, 2-Pack $3.55 ea, 4-pack $2.50 ea

    - SideKick Portable Vaporizer - 20% off plus FREE Bubbler Mouthpiece and shipping - Over $120 in savings!

    - Super Surfer Desktop Vaporizer w/forced air fan - 15% off plus FREE upgrade to EOK, extra 10’ bag and free shipping - Save almost $200!

    - Duff Jar - $5 off or FREE with any Wave Rider Series vaporizer purchase!

    - All ELEV8 & ELEV8 Premier glass and the rest of our site (excluding sale and promotional items) - 30% off with your custom promo code: STICKSTONES420 (code expires 4/21/17)
  7. 7thFloorVapes

    7thFloorVapes Well-Known Member Company Rep

    OK... The new kid just authorized lowering the MSRP price of the SideKick to $235. He then put it on sale for $200. I have told him he is going to get fired. He threw a Silver Surfer at me. I thought he might be bluffing. But then I checked our site!:cuss: Sure enough the little POS changed the online price!!! Lets teach this punk kid a lesson! :nod:The boss is going to be pissed if we sell too many at this price. And how the heck is he going to be able to raise the price when the boss gets back? :bang:

    Lets make the boss sorry that he hired this punk.
    Tell your friends.:lol:
    Stock-up on gifts:brow:

    Teach this dude a lesson:clap:

    I am here to answer any questions.... BJM@7thfloorvapes.com
    Last edited: Jun 30, 2017
  8. shredder

    shredder Well-Known Member

    Slow sales, eh?

    Good luck wid dat wacky promotion. Reminds me of old electronic outlet commercials, lol.
  9. Fat Freddy

    Fat Freddy FUCK CANCER TOO !

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  10. AJS

    AJS Calm Consistency

  11. subway13029

    subway13029 Well-Known Member

    I used the vape awhile back and it wasn't completely a bad experience but first off it was heavy and a bit clunky to me and second was the fact that this vape comes with an absolute army of accessories..I mean the kit with bubbler and all that was super impressive..but compared to their desktop vapes this wasn't up there for me.
  12. Herb-nerd

    Herb-nerd 7th Floor: Engineer & Designer Company Rep

    Edinburgh, Scotland
    strange to know something i designed (under instruction) was in space...

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