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Hey bud. I don't post in the forums any more but if you want to know about making oil water soluble, search maltodextrin. I did a couple threads on it at ICMag and Grasscity.

If you can't find them, let me know and I'll try to find a link.

Sup broheem.

Im back for the time being - Just wanted to stop by your page to show you some love!
I'm interested in your Vapexhale but I would have to buy a hydratube, at least. Maybe the whip set up?
Would you consider $180? I have Paypal ready and waiting
LMK, please
Thank you very much,
I knew a man dropped dead from lookin' at his wife. My own grandmother fought the Indians for sixty years... then choked to death on lemon pie.
you don't want to sell the station too, do you?

worth asking :)

It is worth asking, but not at the moment, sorry :)
Thanks, please let me know if you decide to :)!
I will, I promise! :)
:) Greetings ! Cool to see one of the FC OGs on board ! I saw your status as accessory maker and i wonder what are you making ? Got any pics or a thread ?Cheers !
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hey there! around 2014 through 2016 i was building coils for concentrate use in common ecig RDAs. i dont do it anymore so the title prob needs to be removed. thanks for reaching out! FC OGs UNITE!!! :rockon:
Hi, concerning the “air leaks around the mouthpiece” of your SS:

The mp has two O-rings to ensure a tight fit. Yours have them, I assume?

If so, and it does leak air, try lining the grooves of the O-rings with a bit of cotton thread, or dental floss, to give the O-rings more grip.

You had mentioned having given your Tectonic away. Got it back, to experiment?
Dude, you're not actually Reggie Watts, are you???!!
I had the pleasure of drumming a bit with Reggie in 2008 at The Box in NYC; goddamn he is so talented. It was right there, working with him, that someone mentioned "vaping" and my whole world changed! Reggie & Vaping go together :tup:
It's my birthday, and I'll sigh if I want to, sigh if I want to, sigh if I want to. You would sigh too if it happened to you.
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