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Tinymight, Cloud Evo, Flowerpot Vrod/Weedeater, Stempod +SI, E-Nano, Grasshoppes Ti & SS, & SSV
Still my biggest hitter and second best micro or macro doser with glass beads, GG Whip + basket screen..
Greetings. Could you please confirm which Cooling Unit orings worked best as replacements per this?:

I need to order them ASAP. Got extras with my TM but they’re not same diameter and CU slides more with clear ones, not as air sealant too. Not by much though. I greatly appreciate your help. :peace::peace:
Guess who got corona and recovering for a few months? Yeah...
Jill NYC
Jill NYC
That sucks, sorry you got it and that it has taken so long to recover. Are you all better, or still lingering issues?
Would you pls pm me, Paka?
Kind of important but can't pm you or @Stu ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Thanks in advance,
Hello,you were sending a pm to somebody about bud. I also would like to know whats up with him. I mean I also follow him since years, bought my arizer solo because if him. I have his g43....
It would be kind of you would give me some information!
Take 30 on the cap thats what I got in my PayPal lol. If so send me yes and I'll get it over
Hi Shane, MinnBobber/ Bob from CHAMPS.
I am awaiting delivery Vermont Lifter cbd hemp.
Wish we had the real deal here in MN.
At champs this Lifter sample squished out 5x vs Vegas dispensary Orange Tangie which yielded almost 0.

Take care and stay safe.

PS, also excited as I have a line on CBD bubble hash from CO grower as that is supposed to squish even easier...lower pressure required. Here’s hoping
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