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Hi, concerning the “air leaks around the mouthpiece” of your SS:

The mp has two O-rings to ensure a tight fit. Yours have them, I assume?

If so, and it does leak air, try lining the grooves of the O-rings with a bit of cotton thread, or dental floss, to give the O-rings more grip.

You had mentioned having given your Tectonic away. Got it back, to experiment?
Dude, you're not actually Reggie Watts, are you???!!
I had the pleasure of drumming a bit with Reggie in 2008 at The Box in NYC; goddamn he is so talented. It was right there, working with him, that someone mentioned "vaping" and my whole world changed! Reggie & Vaping go together :tup:
It's my birthday, and I'll sigh if I want to, sigh if I want to, sigh if I want to. You would sigh too if it happened to you.
Truth seeker, I could use your help. How can I contact you regarding withdrawal effects.
if you are in US I think I have an unused fat mp sh would be under 3$, a dollar for the envelope, a dollar for the mp
I will look to see if I can find them
If ever, I am also in Canada, Got a woodscent in walnut w/ vvps, to trade, old heater, thank you and kind regards.
Will message you tomorrow when not busy - WS is super on my bucket list
I have a iq and am really like it,but when using the iq and it gets hot the top lid starts to raise up and the magnet does not keep it closed until it cools down. Do you have any suggestions or has this happened to others
hey man. i'm interested in the enano you listed, but i seem to be unable to send you a pm. maybe you will be able to start a pm with me? thanks in advance. :peace:
I'm a product tester for AVS ESCC..
I would love to give it a go
am long time OG Torch user
Tinymight, Cloud Evo, Flowerpot Vrod/Weedeater, Stempod +SI, E-Nano, Grasshoppes Ti & SS, & SSV
Still my biggest hitter and second best micro or macro doser with glass beads, GG Whip + basket screen..
Greetings. Could you please confirm which Cooling Unit orings worked best as replacements per this?:

I need to order them ASAP. Got extras with my TM but they’re not same diameter and CU slides more with clear ones, not as air sealant too. Not by much though. I greatly appreciate your help. :peace::peace:
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