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This has been brought up before about using oil in one pipe to collect the thc. Why couldn't one using a high precentage alcohol in their pipe to collect thc?


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You can use everclear or some high proof alcohol to collect the resin. It probably cleans better than rubbing iso. Then shake it up for a couple minutes and strain it. Then you have an alcohol cannabis tincture... Or do whatever with it you please.

If that is what you were asking? >_>


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i'm not sure i understand the question, but think you're talking about using alcohol instead of bong water...? I believe enough of the alcohol would be carried in the vapor to your lungs and it would be uncomfortable, and you'd only be collecting a percentage unless you could get all the vapor to sublimate into the alchol (ghost it)

do people use oil instead of water, then re-use the oil?

i think i got this wrong, but.... interesting


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I also do not understand the question.. but vapor bonging through the same water over and over will cause oil to collect on the surface of the water. (especially with oils) It's only in water, so a simple filter will collect it, or you can ingest it.


biojuggernaut said:
using alcohol instead of water in your bong.

never done this, but on a side note, have you ever cleaned your bong with 99% iso and then tried to hit it after you emptied it out but didn't rinse it yet? I did this by accident once(I thought i had rinsed it with water but hadn't) OMG, let me spare you by saying don't try it! haha

choked me out and made my lungs burn.

I would think you would experience something to a lesser degree that i felt. I don't think it would be comfortable. also alcohol evaps into the air so you would still be inhaling it. not sure that's a good idea from a medical standpoint. I wonder if you could even get drunk this way with enough inhalation?



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NEVER use any liquid with *any* alcohol or fats in your bong.

Remember chemistry 101? "Like dissolves like"

THC = nonpolar
water = polar
fat = nonpolar
alcohol = nonpolar

(It'd be like throwing weed in the trash)


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I've thought about it after seeing how green the vaporbong water gets. I figured if I used everclear or vodka, I'd make a tincture while I toke. Weedemon brings up a good point about the taste though. Recently, I saved my bong water in jars and I used that water to make cannabutter.

As a tangent, I've also considered keeping Isopropyl or Everclear in my ABV jar but I keep reading quick washes are better, so I've been hesitant to do so.
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