What’s the most unusual situation or place you chose to medicate?


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What’s the most unusual situation or place you chose to medicate?

Who hasn’t said to themselves, “Hey, this amazing experience would be even better if I just had a toke or two right now,” or “Wouldn’t it be outrageous if I went into that particular situation really, really buzzing?”

Had my share, and some I wish I hadn’t, even though thinking it would be great at the time. Looking back, it’s interesting to consider how humorous some were and how others are real head shakers.

Here’s to continuing having new and enhanced experiences while medicated! :cheers:


My grandmother's bathroom on Thanksgiving. I loathed family gatherings and certain people were getting on my nerves, so when I was in the bathroom I decided to light up a joint. I wondered if people could smell it or tell that I was high. No one would notice if I ate a lot of food because everyone piles their plates on that day.


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Disney World offers limited opportunities, but in the early years, around 1972-3, we hopped on the Skyway to Tomorrowland and fired up a joint.
Finished it in the dark on Mr.Toad's Wild Ride!

Oh, am I allowed a 2nd story?
I went to a Doc & Merle Watson concert at Lehigh University, small auditorium venue. I knew them from their album covers to be very straight-laced bluegrass players (among my guitar heroes). I went to the men's room just before the show, where I heard guitars in an adjacent room, then two guys came in and lit a joint, passed it to me. They had longer hair & beards and stuff, and I asked, "Are you guys traveling with Doc and Merle?"
One pointed to the other and replied, "Well, this here's Merle!"
The show was awesome, and flawlessly played.
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Having a mflb when I was young and reckless, the better question to ask is where didn't I vape.
I used to play a little baseball, as a pitcher.
My knees and shoulder were going bad and I knew my career was nearing its end. The last game I pitched, in the 4th inning I sheared a chunk of my meniscus in my knee and tore my labrum, my had body quit and I realized it was time to find another job.
We got on the bus to head to the next stadium and I pulled out my mflb. By the time I finished the 2nd bowl, nearly everyone on the bus was looking around to see where the smell was coming from. By the middle of the 3rd, our manager had the bus stopped and I gave me an ultimatum, get the F off the bus or I’m calling the cops.
I got off the bus, my dad who traveled to the game picked me up, and I have enjoyed my retirement ever since.


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So many from which to choose., some perhaps unusual, others forgotten for their first-time frequency. The only usual factor was the user.
Still seeking that perfect unexpected, unplanned, unknown.

The first time, when we encounter that perfect, unexpected, unplanned, unknown; don't recognize it and continue looking for what we've got.
The new in-laws' bathroom in the winter.
Blowing smoke out the motel room door on a cold windy winter night just before my work replacement arrived.
Blowing smoke out the cracked window of the charter bus parked at the curb at a Chicago horse track.
With passengers on the bus.
Tucked down behind my motorcycle windscreen to light a joint when I spotted the Royal Canadian Mounted Police behind me.
Walking the night-time streets near some one or another Greyhound bus station to toke when the city cops decide to ask what my business is.
Standing outside in the dark by the bus exhaust pipe, in the bus toilet, anywhere I can find some privacy at each Amtrak stop.
So many rest stops and vistas on cross country drives; every one perfect.
A unexpectedly occupied shack in Juarez where I sat to smoke.
A pizza shop kitchen.
A PT Cruiser.
Places I never expected to see, Portugal, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, Uruguay!


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Yeah, I have a couple also:

On a college bus trip, we were using one hitter bats and blowing our hits into the cushions of the seats in front of us with the president of the college seating in the next row up. How we didn't get caught I have no idea.

I hit a joint outside McSorley's Ale House with a friend and George Wendt (Norm from Cheers). Then we went in and George drank his face off with a million of those little dark beers. Ha!
One pointed to the other and replied, "Well, this here's Merle!"
The show was awesome, and flawlessly played.
Great story! I can see Doc getting high and just letting his creativity fly through a Martin D-18.

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Just before the start(always do),and as always getting "ass cover"from a few fellow riders.:
the 'Clerck of the course" was looking for me, because I stupidly had forgotten to sign my autograph.
Ooh Green Kiwi, he's having his fith shit on the toilet right know, he might have a tummy bug...
My coming out of the toilet, still with a jay in the mouth, seeing this guy quite close (20m)away of me making his way to me, I literally swallowed the burning joint.Burp.
the reason was this guy was in daily live a cop, and in that time it would have been big, big trouble.
This is long time ago, because I only vape, and never smoke since I think 2014?.
he didn't notice a thing😇😅.


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Bathroom of a fast food restaurant during a road trip with my conservative GF who i was trying to hide it from.
Not only did she smell it on my breath, she said I made the whole restaurant smell like weed the moment I opened the door to come out of the bathroom.


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8th grad science class. We used to have to do experiments in the lab portion of the classroom and the teacher had medical issues and would fall asleep so we would open a rear window and blow the smoke out of it. Unfortunately, the teacher ended up dying on that class in front of us.


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Papas & Beer in Ensenada Mexico. That was living dangerously. In between rounds of beer we went to one of the outdoor balconies to light up a joint. After about minute of that, an employee came out yelling at us wanting to know who had the marijuana cuz he could smell it. We denied it, he wasn't buying it. The moment he appeared, my friend stealthily dropped the joint and covered it with her shoe, acting like we had nothing on us. The employee didn't see her do that but he suspected it. So he told her to lift up her foot. We're thinking "oh no, we're so fucked and going to jail". But because it had been raining that day and things were a bit wet out there on the balcony, when she lifted her foot for the guy, the joint stuck to the bottom of her shoe. The employee let it go.
Major major crisis averted.
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On the airport of Belgrad (if I remember right) (Yougoslavia). I was on my way home from Thailand and my flight stopped there and the war had just started. It was impossible to leave the building until departure or the next flight a day later. And the whole place was filled with armed military... I wish I had some cookies/edibles.
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