Warning - DabTech wants drivers license


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I ordered a DabTech Elite Pro from Dabtech last month and today I received this:

Hey there,
Our security team has flagged your order due to a high fraud detection coming from your order number. In order for our team to fulfill your order, please send us a picture of your driver license next to your face to confirm your identity with your order.
As soon as we get this, we will send out your order.

Of course I cancelled my order with them. They have already charged my credit card and have my money so I had to dispute these charges with Visa. I did not send them my drivers license. Who knows what nefarious purposes this info could be used for. It just sounds like a scam.

I warn others, do not order from this company. You may end up waiting several days and getting nothing but the same request for your drivers license as did. And they will have your money!!!


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I have the same with KandyPen.... credit card charged.... they said the product was shipped and send me a tracking link, but the packet was pending over a week. Now i send an email to ask whats the problem, and they say i have to send a copy of my ID and of the CC with the last 4 Numbers to see.

Ive written support mail, hope to solve that and at least get my money back.
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I can't post anything so I guess ill hope this gets somewhere. Is anyone having problems with their dab tech order? I ordered a carta on the 4th and they supposedly still don't have one to send me. its crazy watching other people buy them, they are lying to somebody and its probably me lol.


Vapor.com did this to me with my order. I did cover some parts and send it to them. It was approved but now it's all on back order. I wonder if this is a fed thing. I've never had any company do this before. I've had the bank do it a few times, but not in this way. I had to call, mostly when I was out of the country or area I live in.
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