Vapor from Mighty hurts my throat. Do I need a bubbler attachment?


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The vapor makes my throat scratchy/make me cough. This happens with a tiny bit of material (0.10g) and not insanely high temps (180-200C).

Do I need some kind of water pipe to cool and smooth the vapor? If so, what's a good thing to get: a stem with a little water in it (I think they're called bubblers?) or one of the bigger devices that sit on the table and have a larger water tank (kinda like a mini bong)?
in my experience the stock mouthpiece on the Mighty does an ok job of cooling the vapor, sometimes it gets me coughing but I am pretty used to it at this point, I would say try one of the dimple stems first (before you mess with water and having to clean a bubbler attachment), just a thought!


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200C is actually near the top end that vape can do. you can take smaller hits and start lower temp 177C or lower and temp step slowly so vapour doesn't get as thick and irritating. if you are getting a bong, bigger has more cooling :2c:
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I have the tall bubbler straw - and it does an awfully good job of reducing the harshness and improving the flavor.


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Sidecar Bubbler ... worth it's weight in gold. The silicone connector doesn't fit the Mighty as well as it conceivably could, BUT it does exactly what you need. Picked it up with the Black Friday bundle from CCV, I believe it would be exactly what you're throat needs, while still be relatively portable... you can take it on a trip to use in the hotel room, but I wouldn't take it out on a hike or use it while walking the dog. Just a few drops of warm water will really help soften the blow of the Mighty as you get to the bottom of the barrel.

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