Completed Vapexhale Cloud Evo Bundle - $450 shipped PPG&S U.S. (SOLD)


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update: 6/23 sold via different listing thanks to everyone who viewed :tup:

I purchased this unit directly from Vapexhale in January before they announced their closure. This unit was a backup unit for my other evo and has only been used 5ish times mainly to test that it was working correctly. The evo is a great vape however I personally do not get as much out of it as others so I am looking into something different. I have cleaned the inside of the bamboo with PBW and iso to make sure there is no residue and that the bamboo is perfectly clean. There are no cosmetic damages to the unit, there are no cracks to the bamboo, and the unit works perfectly as it was designed.

Evo unit with stock power cord






2 heat shields and 2 vapexhale whips (unused)


Bamboo wood evo accessory stand (holds 10 nails + 8 baskets + 2 hydrotubes) with 14 vapexhale baskets and 9 vapexhale nails. Most of the baskets are unused and the few that are used have been iso soaked and cleaned in my ultrasonic cleaner with pbw. There are 5 quartz nails and 4 boro nails. Some of the nails have some minor scratches but they are completely free of residue and all work in the evo fine, they have also been cleaned in pbw and my ultrasonic cleaner.


4 way whip adapter + solo whip adapter both unused


Vapexhale green star recycler, Vapexhale helio mouthpiece, Vapexahle nebula whip mouthpiece, 2 hydrafeet all unused


Vapexhale calyx hydratube, Vapexhale crown hydratree hydratube; both have been thoroughly cleaned with iso and pbw, no cosmetic damages or functional damages to either


I am looking for $450 for the bundle PPG&S U.S. only please. Priority shipping with insurance is included in the event that anything happens to the unit during transport. I do not have original packaging but will be packaging everything with the utmost protection to ensure there is no damage to anything. I am open to all messages, discussions, offers, etc. I respond quickly thanks
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