Vape with best temperature accuracy?

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Egzoset said:
Perhaps future vaporizers will have a two-stages heating process, with a crude pre-heater combined to an acurate precision heater...:D

i guess that's basically what i do in my algorithm. at start up, the PID just dumps maximum current until the setpoint error is about the amount of expected overshoot, then it switches to the normal PID operation. i'm not totally happy with this, because the overshoot is followed by an undershoot before the PID brings the temp up to SETPOINT. But the total time required to attain SETPOINT (from power on) is only 90 seconds, and in this geometry the bud needs to "cook" for about 60 seconds at SETPOINT before the trichomes melt and the vapor starts in ernest. i'm resigned to the fact that my heater design just can't do faster than 90 seconds to first hit.
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Hi Hippie Dickie,

You're doing a nice job bringing us the future today but i was implying something more like having two separate regulation loops: one coarse with a long transit, one fine very close to the vaporization chamber.



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^ If he means they should have had a number for every 5 degree increment, it would have been very hard. There's just not enough room.


i dont have really good advice here but wanted to share my thoughts on this. ive tried a few units out up to now, volc, genie, mflb, pd, etc and it seems to me that you find the best accuracy with experimentation. each unit (especially those that are custom or hand made) is going to have its own character and flow as well as what type of heating device you use if its a separate unit to the chamber.

for whatever you are after in terms of effect its best to not rely on a dial in out of the box or trying to match some scale but to simply experiment and take your time. hope that made sense. :peace:

instead of accuracy to a dial id be more interested in how well can you replicate the setting you want, such as knowing how much the bowl should be filled, speed of draw, etc to get the effect you desire. best of luck!
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