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So last week I was working on a basket bowl for my Mandelbrot butane vape, when it split open while making the thumb whole... and it dawned on me... why not lay the basket horizontally with the hot intake coming from under, which will auto stir the flower?

1.- Whole bowl extraction.
2.- Make combustion as hard as possible and not so reliant on technique.
3.- Nice full flavor dense rips.

How does it vape? FC *outstanding, like end game good. The one area which is a little problematic right now is getting enough heat in to the chamber, but when you do it's perfect.

You have 3 options for basket placement:
1. keyhole; this has the basket in one chamber with another chamber under it where hot air can enter the basket from under along the entire length. I think I might make a small hole ~2mm at the base of the basket chamber to allow hot air to enter from base and side.

2. vapor path chamber; this moves the basket closer to your mouth.

3. both; 2 baskets FTW.

It's practically IMPOSSIBLE to combust... I haven't been able to combust in either setup with my high powered torches... but this gives rise to another problem, getting enough heat in. In it's current configuration it requires getting the flame straight down the hole and keeping it there, and then when it's all warmed up you get 10~1 o'clock experience like the VapeXhale evo. I need to play around with getting more heat in easily and avoiding burning wood, I cracked the 14mm glass joint from the heat.

It's tricky examining extraction with the baskets, but currently it needs more heat.

Added bonus: I sand blasted the air/vapor paths which left some kind if milky/cementy type residue everywhere, so I the washed it with water... later when using it, I experienced quite humid draws. I reckon just a quick rinse will give you a humid vape, if that's your thing, better than a bubbler.
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Im surprised no one is commenting on this. Good Job man, you seem a crafty woodworker.
I have personally never used any brick Like butane vape, but progression is great.
Weiter so!:)


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you seem a crafty woodworker

Very little experience; the Mandelbrot was my 1st small wood working project, apart from that just some pocket hole 2x4 garage shelves and fugly furniture. My wife calls me a useless stoner and I get paid to manage IT stuff.

This is a good vape that's ez to make... IMHO and obviously for "my" expectation, it's miles better than the Mighty, Crafty, Ghost MV1, Hydrobrick and kind of better than the Evo but not as ez, so I still rate the Evo higher.

I'm thinking of getting a Volcano Hybrid, but given my aweful view on both the mighty and crafty, I'm not sure. My issue was those was draw resistance and poor vapor production.


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Well the thread's only been open for a couple hours :p
I realized that later too, but His other thread ist a few days old i think.
I'm thinking of getting a Volcano Hybrid, but given my aweful view on both the mighty and crafty, I'm not sure. My issue was those was draw resistance and poor vapor production.
I dont know how deep into the Game you are, but considering you didnt Like crafty,might, dont get a volcano. Check out ball vapes or TM or anvil instead.


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Before we discuss this here and derail your thread. Lets talk about it in the Ask FC forum.if you Like.
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This is my setup, and it offers the best vaping experience I have had to date with any vape. It is similar to the VapeXhale but offers a warmer, more humid, and denser vapor, With the glass/quartz intake and my kitchen torch it will get to about 4 o'clock on the Evo, but still impossible to combust. Not sure why it's more humid, but I notice condensation in the mouthpiece... could be due to the butane torch. The only issues I have with it is ergonomics; it's 120x55x48mm but there isn't enough space to place a thumb hole through it, which means you have to hold it length wise, so I'm going to make another a bit taller ~70mm should do it. Apart from the ergonomics there a slight off taste, the wood is imparting a flavor I hope disappears soon, nothing extreme just a subtle something not from the flower.

In normal use I can fully extract a basket in 4 draws vs 6 for the Evo. With the Evo, I would remove the basket and flick it several times to stir it; with the Keyhole, I don't need to, but the extraction benefits from a 180 rotation. For FULL flavor extreme draws you can use 2 baskets and swap them around after a couple draws.

I'm demoting the Evo to backup status after ~5 years. The Evo was by far the best vape I had tried to date probably a 70% where all the portable ones I would score <40%, the Mandelbrot v0.4 was a 55% (too easy to combust), the Hydroblock 45% and the Keyhole v0.2 a 85%. I'm an in bed vaper, so flower pots and the like aren't an option.

Make it and prove me wrong.

Chamber Specs:
- Intake is chamfered 8mm (25mm deep)
- Intake has a 3mm hole (6mm deep) going in to the base of the basket chamber.
- Basket chamber is 1/2" diameter and 30mm deep.
- Intake has an intersecting 6mm hole 36mm deep, which is open to the basket chamber up to the last 12mm where the ramp plug tapers it off.
- Basket chamber goes to secondary basket chamber also 1/2" diameter and 34mm deep the extra 4mm is to cater for the basket lips/flanges, and then in to 8mm to end with the 14mm glass joint.


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This looks really interesting, excited to see more as it develops!

I think I'm done. The only way it gets better is with a thumb hole for ergonomics. The 3mm base hole I think can slightly scorch the flower, so maybe use a 2mm hole. I get a nice golden brown extraction, with some dark brown at the base of the basket, not sure if it's the 3mm hole or it's just the 1st point of contact for the 6mm hole. I might also borrow the intake of the hydrobrick just for curiosity.

The real only issue is availability of the baskets... I could make a copper one, but it wouldn't be as effective as it would have holes instead of a mesh.

So unless somebody else comes up with a better idea, from my perspective it works close to perfect.

I would be interested in people's experience with their builds... it's pretty ez, I'm a total woodworking novice, or maybe this makes me an amature. Hardest part was aligning the magnet holes perfectly and finding the wood.
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