The Incredible Extraction Contraption - a DIY BYOH Vaporizer Kit From DDave


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Very interested about this one. Has anyone tried it yet?

"The Do It Yourself Bring Your Own Heater Vaporizer Kit

It's true! We were able to create the Vaporizer seen in the photos for approximately $50-$60, in addition to the pieces provided in this kit.

Do it yourself! (Build it the way you want it! The photos demonstrate how DDave set up his Vape Station. How will you set up yours?)

Bring your own heat! (Compatible with many soldering irons, but we recommend Atten ST2090-D!)

A powerful and flexible herb vaporizer that you create... The way you want it!

Two ways to use it!

  1. Mounted to the station temperature control unit and used as a desktop vaporizer. (18mm upward facing male heater cover)
  2. UnMounted, as an injection vaporizer.

Available in two variations:
  1. Metered Injection Nozzle: 12mm of metered airflow, evenly distributed around the heater core.
  2. High Flow Injection Nozzle: 16mm of metered airflow, evenly distributed around the heater core.

Packed Heater for Stable Performance, two options:
  1. 2mm heater balls - these turn the injection nozzle into a dense vapor producing beast. Airflow is dampened into a compressed wave of heated air. By far the most cloud producing. Also the quickest time from cold to vaporizing temperatures. (Ok, they're DDave's favorite!)
  2. 2.5mm heater balls - much higher airflow. Hits are less dense, sessions are longer. They also take a bit longer to heat up. But for those who crave higher airflow or want the ability to meter their own airflow, these are the heater packing to seek.

(Note on heater ball material: They're Stainless Steel, however a version mixed with a very high carbon content during manufacture giving the material 3x-4x better thermal properties for use in vaporizing applications. Basically, they are the best performing heater packing material we've used yet.)"

Assembly Instructions and Parts List can be found here:

just got mine in the mail, have been experimenting with it.
so far i really dig it.
kit was easy to put together, just got one of these off amazon:

already had the glass bowls/extraction chambers for the arizer EQ. I like that i can switch it to an injector style or have it mounted.
i'm liking it mounted since i'm a klutz and don't want to burn myself

extraction has been awesome. have to keep the temp < 400 on the particular bowl i was using. It combusted on me. 390 seems to work good for me and leaves me with darker ABV.

overall i think it's a great idea and allows for easy modding/configuration.
i don't have a diff type of nail/coil to compare it to, but it's become my daily.
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