Suggestions for a better home vaporizer


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Well, flavor will be better with a log as there's a lot less vapor path, but the DBV is surprisingly good with flavor given the pathway. Some will find the whip cumbersome or unpleasant for flavor; it's never bothered me (to me it's just a longer pathway with more goo). Both can be left on, hit at will, or used to space a bowl over time with little add'l degradation of the herbs. Most logs will need some recharge between big hits, but the DBV I think would never run out. The log has a smaller footprint both in actual terms and in terms of the gear you tend to use with them. The CouchLog XL might be a good option. I haven't seen many words on it yet but I think I've read that it does retain more heat and need less recharge. If not, the Baller DBV is really a blast. I'd recommend considering a glass pathway modded with cooling dimples for peak DBV.
Very much agree with this. Smaller logs like the Couchlog (which I own) are great but some of their heaters can be overwhelmed if you take big hits back-to-back, depends on your usage. This may require waiting a couple of minutes between bowls. Maybe the Couchlog XL can better handle this.

I got the baller DBV and I'll attest that it's really great. If you use an all-glass mouthpiece with good cooling it's suuuper tasty. Ceramic heater surrounded by rubies and then all glass to your mouth. Love it. With over 300 rubies, I've never been able to overwhelm the heater, even with a group.


All of your knowledge and suggestions are much appreciated.
Now I have some time, till 4/20, to research these choices.
It looks like having a desktop and portable is the way to go down the road.
The Crafty+ is 25% off on 4/20… I’m going to compare my needs across the board.


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Hey Tonyscoop, I have a crafty+ and like it a lot. It's my go to device if I want to use it outdoors on a hike, or trip to the beach.
When im indoors, I generally like to use a desktop vape. Something that is more powerful, doesn't have batteries, and stays powered on from 2pm-12am(My vaping hours).
For desktops, I would go with a log vape. They are perfect in just about every way. If you find yourself a heavy user, or like to get blasted all the time, go with the ball vape. Ball vapes are generally considered the most powerful, and are end game vapes(Meaning that people end up with a ball vape, and stick with it until something more powerful comes along)
Have fun!


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I have a Couchlog XL and it for sure can handle back to back hits without problem even on 3/10 on the temp dial. Wooden bowl makes for absolutely minimal upkeep. The wide open airflow means it's pairs well with any glass you have. I rip a bowl in one go, but you can sip and stir for sure. The only time I have hot spotting is when the screen needs cleaned, I just pop the screen out, torch it, rinse it, put it back.


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Someone asked me if I would rather have my 18 year old body back, in today’s world or turn back the clock and live it all again. Well, that is a damn good question. Being that young again would be killer, but the world today is many, many times harder to navigate. Especially for young people. 40 years ago the world shined in my eyes. I had no real pain.
Vaping makes my pain tolerable now and easier to live actually. I choose neither to answer that question. Using today’s tech to enhance my life today is a bonus. Young people today have no choice to do that…without the adversity of time…


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What about a bong?

I'm of similar age, and can't imagine doing multiple sessions without a bong?

One of my daily use vapes is the venerable Solo II. Mostly it gets used with a bong, but it can also follow me out the door. When it comes to better, I would call the Solo good. It's easy to use, glass is simple, and it's clean.

Vapes that work with the bong are a plus.

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