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That messy/sticky side overflow has never happened to my Quartz SourceNail, but I don't use much power (3-4volts), nor do I ever load large chunks. I add little nibs and keep my strains to just my faves so I never hate it and have to disassemble and deep clean it. Well, unless absolutely necessary due to a sesh memeber sneaking it up to high heat and nuking the load into the bad Gross claim.

I also imagine the larger XL / XXL Removable buckets will work better people loading larger loads and using much higher temps.


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Who else loves the clean modern unscratchable brushed stainless finish on this new SLIM XL ?

Can't wait til the 31st when hopefully they will have these brushed stainless Slim XL's with their newest Silicon Carbide SourceNail atomizers in XL or XXL sizes !


(Pic from reddit/FlatulENTz)


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If I could request Source send mine out plain like that I definitely would!

I pre ordered mine and it says shipping 10/30 so hopefully they do indeed go out today I am waiting for the SiC announcement as well!


Hi guys,

We're taking the ways you can Experience True Taste further with our new Silicon Carbide (SiC) SOURCE nail atomizers.

Available on Black Friday, the 3 new atomizers will be available in 3 types & sizes:

  • SOURCE nail Max (10mm) (4 Series)
  • SOURCE nail XL (13mm) (XL Series)
  • SOURCE nail XXL (15mm) (XXL Series)

Enjoy the exquisite superior flavor of Silicon Carbide like never before, in both your favorite Vape Pen or Portable eNail.


Day of the Dead Sale

Happy Halloween and Day of the Dead!

To celebrate, we have Select Products at 35% OFF, including:

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  • SOURCE nail atomizers
  • + Much More

Ends Nov. 2nd at 11:59pm

(New orders only, no rain checks, must use coupon during checkout)

We've heard your comments and feedback in regards to some of the new products being out of stock, and we are working hard to get stock in. We've had a slight delay in shipments due to new FDA & US Customs regulations, and with the holidays, some shipments are taking longer than expected.

We're working hard to get those in stock and shipping as soon as possible.


SOURCE nail XL Sig2 Kit

Stay tuned for our latest iteration, announced on November 2nd at 2pm (Sign up for our Newsletter to be the 1st to know).

The line separating between eNail & Vape Pen will be completely shattered.
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I just received my SOurce Nail XL in the mail! I have my Istick Power flashed with arctic fox. Does anyone have good settings for the 3 nail buckets?


Hi guys,

Our BFCM Sale is now live, and with such great deals available, here's an easy Buyer's Guide to take advantage of the Best Deals available.

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6 Free Double Coil atomizers with purchase of 4 Series kits (Including Doorbusters)

3 Free Triple Coil atomizers with purchase of XL Series kits (Including Doorbusters)


Already have a battery? Just get an attachment.

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510 Sub-Ohm Battery


Looking to try out the new SiC buckets or our new Huge Rip Coils and don't want more stuff?

  • 2x SOURCE orb XL parts ($4.78 each)
  • Use the pop up to add XL Series atomizers during checkout at 20% discount (that's 20% off before the 40% off)
  • eGo-to-510 adapter ($1.80) (Can also find on Amazon, etc.)
XL Series discounted price examples:

SOURCE nail XL v2 Premium Glass w/ Improved Airflow w/ XXL Series atomizers are also only $19.99 for Percolator and Recycler, and Split-Glass only $14.99.

Cheap Atomizers

Happy Holidays, and Happy Saving!


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Have you found out if the top part can be disassembled for easier cleaning on the Slim XL? I've only found the mouth tip to be removable. I ended up just soaking the whole top part (the piece with airholes) in iso.

I'm very happy with my stainless steel Slim XL so far. My old Orb 4 in black chrome has so many sharp metal flakes chipping off. I had some stab into my fingers and needed tweezers to rip them out.

The XL nails are also fantastic. I'm using the 13mm Quartz bucket with the new heater underneath (they've changed from ceramic donuts to some sort of flat circular coiled wire). I imagined it would take a week to find the perfect settings on my boxmod. In just one day, I've set my Tesla Stealth to Ni TC mode, 22.5W, locked in at 0.4ohms, 340F and I'm getting fantastic smooth low temp draws without any throat irritation. I set the airflow holes all closed, leave the carb hole uncovered, hold the power button for 10 seconds. While holding the power button, I draw air in very lightly for a few seconds, then I do a heavy draw like drinking a milkshake through a straw.
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bubbha ho-tep

Hey everyone been following along, haven’t really seen any in depth reviews on the new terra 2 attys, with or without the terra disk. If anyone has first hand experience with that I’d love to hear your thoughts on vapor production, efficiency, and effectiveness.
bubbha ho-tep,


is there an FC dsicount when ordering directly from SOURCEvapes?

or better off using a code for one of the vape vendors like PIU?

also @flatulentz... what size is that drp tip? please tell me that its either 510 or 810...? i HATE metal and glass tips because they collect lip gunk. hoping a delrin or ptfe tip will fit in the XL slim.

oh and is there a reg XL... not the slim?
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What are you favourite Source atomizers for which type of concentrate with the Orb 4?

My fav is the double coil ceramic...but like the rest of the atoms that come with the 4 pack—-Only Thing I did not like was that the magnetic ring comes loose sometimes and magnets to the top of SV4

Along with wismec rx 230w mod.
14 w and it’s the most economical paired 2 devices I have ever used.

Went from $320 a month medical card flower To $200 for 10 grams California Orange shatter.....awesome

Went from flower to shatter and wow
What a difference on the lungs
feel so much better

is there an FC dsicount when ordering directly from SOURCEvapes?

or better off using a code for one of the vape vendors like PIU?

also @flatulentz... what size is that drp tip? please tell me that its either 510 or 810...? i HATE metal and glass tips because they collect lip gunk. hoping a delrin or ptfe tip will fit in the XL slim.

oh and is there a reg XL... not the slim?

Speaking of discounts, just wanting to make everybody aware of that SV company always has a 30% military discount

420 Sale

40% OFF our 420 Sale Section

Awesome, and as always they have a 30% military discount every day—You must provide a ID card or DD214
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Beware reviewing any source products for the free 500 points, unless you like having your real name publicly attached to a vape pen review.

Their system pulls your name from the shipping address you gave them, and puts your real first name and last initial on your review without asking you, and they refuse to change/remove it when you email them.


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Does anyone else use the Source Volt with Source’s newest Removabke Quartz buckets with the SS316 spiral coil beneath the quartz dish ?

Wondering what temp limit and power settings are everyone’s favorites ?

And if the imported quartz and American quartz needed slightly different settings to optimize each comparatively...


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Using the opaque quartz bucket in the 10mm ceramic donut atty at 24 watts. Been tinkering with temp control.
I don't know about Source inserts honestly. I always thought they had a more burnt taste. I thought it was because they were thinner but it may be related to materials as well? I got the 15mm one for like $8.95. I thought it tasted and worked much better but I found I have to use the inserts on another coil because the 15mm atomizer from Source uses a metal coil heater. Thats where the burnt metal must have been coming from the whole time.

But these Source inserts are very thin and can easily taint your material with the flavor of rapid degradation if you lay on the heat too long.

Another thing I noticed is that the opaque insert glass has shown extreme degradation after only a dozen or less torch cleanings. The quartz walls look like they have had a chemical poured on them. I stopped using it immediately after the first time I noticed this.


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Hmm.. I'm thinking of giving this a try with the inserts but reading a few bad reviews online. This thread hasn't been updated in a while either...
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