Shatter resistant v-tower/extreme tornado bowl.

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Ever wonder what the shatter resistant bowl is?

So I left my vtower on for a half-hour before using it. I use it outside, and I'd left my bowl beside it as it heated up. Outside was a bit cold maybe, not sure what, but when I was done and I went inside, it turned out the bowl had quietly broke in 2, just below the screen. Didn't notice until I disassembled.

Now luckily, I had a couple bowls in reserve. One is a hash mine these days (cleaning thread coming, weather permitting), and the other is a shatter resistant bowl.

Now, I'd never even unpacked this thing before, so I had no idea what to expect. Turns out, it's a tornado bowl in what I suspect is a silicone sleeve.

Plus - glass path preserved. Looks kind of neat in the dark.

Minus - can't watch your herb turn brown. Gets hot at the bottom.

Mystery resolved.



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From some of the posts in the Extreme threads it sounds like a lot of people peel the silicone off and wonder where their tough bowl is. :\
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