quitting tobacco + cannabis


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Hi @SpruceGruve congratz on the advancements :) I was trying Ecig but i allrdy quit it... im a bit cautious about those ecigs... don't trust it.
especially the Ejuices... seems they bite into your glass tank and i myself am not sure if this is the case with my Ejuice... my glasstank they say it is pyrex so this biting phenomenon will not happen appearantly but... if those juices bite into glass.. wtf else do they do? and how can i know if im using the right juice? without that trait?

I cant remember what day it is now :D been 3-4 months allrdy without joints so :) happy :p !!! vaping keeps me waaay up ^^
Aww, I thought you had quit weed entirely. I've been off weed now for several weeks mainly due to my unfortunate location on the world map. It's a challenge, glad to hear you find vaping satisfying!


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I just found this thread.this doesn't completely fit into the subject but I'm gonna post it anyways.

I'm 23 years old,I had been a cig smoker for 8 years,6.5months ago I switched to e-cigs with VG and 18mg nicotine,Before I quit cigs I was going through 8packs(200cigs) per week,granted I gave away quite a few to friends.

Over the past 6.5months I have cut my nicotine level down to 2mg,now I barely ever pull it out to use it,Sometimes when I have had a bad day at work I pull it out for a couple 'drags',but it's getting less and less frequent.
I plan on completely quitting very soon,but I still get the urge to use it occasionally when I am at restaurants/bars with friends....I don't like sitting alone at the table watching peoples coats/purses when everyone goes outside to smoke for 5-15mins
My anxiety issues have also been less frequent the more I get used to not having nicotine in my system.

Sidenote-since switching to vaping from combusting weed I went from a oz every week to 1-3grams a week depending on my schedule.
I think it's because vaping is so much more efficient compared to combustion,also my schedule doesn't permit me to waste hours with friends anymore so this probably helps too

Wow, an oz a week!!

I believe, from observation, that we are many and varied. I am 64 and have been using cannabis since I was 14. Long time. But there have been long periods in there where I did not use cannabis in any way. I found that after about 3 days or so, that not only did my sleep stabilize again but I also just plain quit wanting it.

Now, I saw where the OP (@Dopevape), who is European, was smoking his herb mixed with shag (tobacco, yeah?) as is common there. I smoke cigarettes for 41 years. When I was a kid, everyone smoked everywhere and all of the time. Well, had a heart attack and quit and its my view that kicking nicotine was probably the hardest thing I have ever done.

Somebody said that it has often been said that kicking nicotine is harder than opiods. Well, I certainly was no angel in my youth and I will tell you that opioids ain't nothing compared to nicotine. I would put nicotine right up there with cocaine addiction. This is poisonous and bad stuff.

I have no desire to quit cannabis. I vape now, don't smoke at all, and I work hard to keep my tolerance and usage down (with mixed success). But I would encourage and try to help anyone who wants to get away from tobacco.

Best of luck


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I just stopped vaporizing both cigarette and marijuana this summer. After 20 years of non-stop day and night. I have epilepsy and finally found a medication that works for me. At my age I had to to grow up. Marijuana is a drug even if its a mild one. You can get hooked on it like alchool or tabaco.

It took about 2 weeks to get better. I went to the gym everytime I felt the need.

Dont medicate a little bit. It will be like starting over.

You will get over this.

Talk to your doctor he prescribed me anti-anxiety for the first couple days.

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I smoked two packs of cigs a day and quit cold turkey in my early 30s. Took 3 months to stop reaching into my shirt pocket for the phantom pack. A very nasty and unhealthy habit but of course legal.

I started occasionally smoking weed at age 70; first mixed with tobacco in a cigarillo and then later using a glass pipe. I read about/studied vaping and bought a crafty in July 2015. My vape broke and I went 17 days without it in December 2016. I experienced impatience while my vape was being repaired/replaced but had no desire to smoke weed.

I am convinced that vaping weed improves my outlook on retirement life. Vaping weed makes me mellow, happy, and lazy. I have no desire or reason to stop.


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The OP @Dopevape hasn't been on FC since May 2016.
People need to do what works for them and cannabis isn't for everyone. Cigs are poison and I urge all you smokers to think about your health. When we are young we feel invincible as we get older we find out that life is fleeting and fragile in some cases.

The business of life, working, plus raising a family and before we know it our children are grown. It feels like its been forever since you were only responsible for yourself. Then there you are - it's just you or you and your partner/spouse.

Things start to pop up health wise in your forties and fifties. So take care of your health while you still can, while it still will make a difference in your longevity of life. I am fifty nine and I am seeing folks my age dieing of various diseases, heart attacks, cancer. People that I've known for years. I had a health issue myself this past year. Thanks goodness I have yearly mammograms.
It's kinda scarey.
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I know it's a bit old thread but had to jump in it.

I smoked cigs for 15+years and joints for around 10years.

It's been 3months now that i quit smoking using an ecig that i slowly use less and less. After quiting smoking i started to dislike tabacco smell and taste and i would like my joints that much any more. I had to find an other way as MJ helps me with anxiety and keeps me calm.

After trying a few vaporizers i ended up being in love with my Vapcap M. Vaping MJ 1month now and all good. Currently on a small T-break and planning to get on microdosing after that.

It's time for me to use less and more consciously. I believe this will help me more with my issues and also will let me enjoy the high better than just getting stoned AF whenever i had a chance.


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It's time for me to use less and more consciously. I believe this will help me more with my issues and also will let me enjoy the high better than just getting stoned AF whenever i had a chance.

Years ago, when I consumed weed in a purely recreational fashion, I consumed way way more than I do now.

Mostly I consume now for energy, pain reduction and for nausea. So sometimes I need to vape more for the medicinal effect. But I have found that microdosing is way way more pleasurable on a daily basis. The highs are cleaner. I feel more alive and not weighed down. I am definitely more productive and enjoy the activities that I pursue more while high on tiny amounts.

I hope you enjoy microdosing as much as I do. Microdosing opened up a whole new world for me.


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I kinda hate to say it, but I don't think I could quit cannabis or nicotine for long, let alone both. I did switch to vaping nicotine after years of cigarettes and that's worked well for me. Obviously everyone's different so if anything's bringing more harm to life than good, props for owning that and quitting!


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Dopevape, it seems you're on the right track.

I identified what triggered my urge to smoke and that helped a lot. I stopped going out for a few weeks and i had a very healthy life. Plenty of good sleep, reduced coffee a lot as that always triggered my smoking, and exercise.

Aerobic exercise to clean the lungs and release endorphins. Some push ups and pull ups too. Long walks are great, especially by the beach or in a forest but walking is good anytime.

Eat a lot, be sure to get some omega 3 supplements, cod liver oil or hemp oil for example, eat a lot of green leafy veggies and plenty of berries too. Some walnut are also good for your brain at this point.

And to top it off, and extra important!!: meditate every night before bed.

This is an old thread but what does Omega 3, Fish and Hemp oil do for getting off tobacco and cannabis? Just curious for self.


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I kinda hate to say it, but I don't think I could quit cannabis or nicotine for long, let alone both. I did switch to vaping nicotine after years of cigarettes and that's worked well for me. Obviously everyone's different so if anything's bringing more harm to life than good, props for owning that and quitting!

I struggled with cigarettes for probably 2 decades at least. On and off, always go back. I didn't like how I felt when I smoked a lot so that stayed in my head. I don't know when exactly I stopped but maybe last year? I hate the smell now. Occasionally, I may think about it but then I just distract myself and quickly forget.

Vaping more and the journey is there, but I wonder too. I am a daily guy but its not a lot. Typically, after I finish everything I need to do at the end of the day, I allow myself. Otherwise, I don't. During the day I carry a vape, and vape at a low temperature for the relaxing effect.

Alcohol was a part of my life for decades and there was a point I said I don't think I could ever give it up. As I got older that changed. I enjoy a nice drink but I don't make it a lifestyle anymore. It took me removing influencers or enablers from my life finally and the quality of life has changed dramatically. Like you said to each their own, and maybe there will come a point you decide differently.

Pretty cool how supportive everyone is and too bad the OP is not here to let us know how he/she is doing.


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I found that cannabis addiction was manageable after dropping tobacco but completely overwhelming before it. Tobacco is the worst thing there is(at least heavier more harmful drugs feel worse right away, tobacco goes away like something far less impactful than what it is) and anything you mix with it, be it coffee, weed or even going out for a smoke becomes an habit. I believe it resembles dog training where the reward you give the dog after he does something you want him to do reinforces the pathways in his brain that caused him to do it. With nicotine is the same, when you use that shit, it reinforces whatever pathways led to whatever you were doing and that's what makes nicotine related habits so strong. It's a false belief, a cheat, it's fake. It makes you train your brain into enjoying useless things that you think are good experiences but aren't, and that's something you can only recognize once you are off nicotine for long enough to realize how many habits it created for you.

I got quite angry with myself when I noticed this and this assisted with stopping it. What I basically did was 1-2 months of reducing consumption of both herb and tobacco, until it was basically a miniscule amount once a day, and then slowly dropped it, first one day off, then two days, then three days and then just completely stopped both. I didn't throw away any of the apparatus or the tobacco box because I wanted to make sure I was very rationally forcing myself to hate the thing, which I honestly think anyone has the right to do as the most logical decision ever. I never touched it again. It took many months after stopping before I could say I felt cleaner from it. In the process with the assistance of a vape I also learnt how to consume cannabis in moderation in a way that was actually consistently beneficial for me(and to be honest, found again the reason why I even started consuming it in the first place), and didn't kill my productivity or overall well-being and quality of life.
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