Puffco wax pen


Second one was working fine for a day, then decided to just stop heating. full charged and tried turning it off on and on.

Returning and on to something designed better!


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I'm really enjoying my puffco plus. It's supposedly a second iteration of the original. I've had it a month or so and everything is up to spec. Functions as adveritsed, cleans rather easily. I purchased it as a way to start playing with concentrates but it's turned out to be a top player on the team, getting used every day. Once loaded (which with the right kind of concentrate is no problem) it is the fastest and most discrete a vape I've ever owned. I find myself able to use it a times when I'd not be able to use my other vapes so the 'plus' moniker is appropriate in my case!


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I just got a plus and it is absolutely hands down my favorite travel device. I sometimes take up to 4-5 flights a week and don’t get back to home for days-weeks, a couple grams of wax and my Plus fit in the front pouch of my hydration pack and server me well the duration.


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I'm considering a Plus, because I want a wax pen for when I'm out and about (and I haven't been too happy with cartridge vape pens) and I can get one at a local store and not have to wait for it to ship to me.

What's held me back from pulling the trigger is that I've seen a lot of negative reviews when I go looking around for reactions/reviews about it. I'll have to keep thinking about it.


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It’s been a great device for me. Supremely discreet; you can use it virtually anywhere, which is why I have it (not to mention the plaesure taken in using concentrates to compliment my flower usage).

When I purchased mine, I picked up a second ceramic chamber because of the posts I read regading defective chambers. Glad to say I’ve had zero problems with the rither chamber and am happy to have picked up the second one because it allows me to have two different strains available. Even small dabs can last me more than one hit. So if I have a little left over in chamber 1 but want a different strain I just swap out chamber 1 for chamber 2.

One thing I will note is that I seldom vape anything without some sort of diffusion, either a bubbler for my nano, a micro bubbler for my edge (which I use without h2o), or most recently the great medium length dimpled stems by Vlad for my Mi 3. The vapor the plus makes on medium (green) and high (white) levels is too hot for me. Since I use the plus for stealth I won’t bother fitting it to some sort of difuser. I just use it pretty much always on low (blue).


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I'm using this device less and less. I puchased two chambers with my pen, which has served mostly as a quick discrete hitter when needed. For a long time the device seemed to be low maintenance, high performance. Push button, get vapor. I swithched / cleaned chambers easily. But currently airflow is basically blocked. I can't fix the problem with heat ups (to disperse oil) or iso cleansing so I'm at a loss. There's blockage somewhere (probably half a gram of goo sitting inside there somehwere). Not entirely unexpected because concentrates = mess at some point or another. But may soon abandon this deliery method. Anyone keeping the air flowing with theri pc pen?
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