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Anyone use one of these?.

Bought one a few months ago and not bothered with it to be honest.

Just interested to see how others are using and guidance on doing an alcohol run.


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Hey, did you ever end up using it? I'm curious about it and if it's worth it say compared to the Herboven.

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I am going to bookmark this. I am between pot by noids and magicalbutter. The pot decarbs also.

I am interested if it is worth to use it with ABV & the alcohol option?


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So I purchased the Pot by Noids. My initial concern was that it's made in China. I wanted to get the Ardent FX Decarboxylator, which is supposed to be made in the USA and I did. But they sent the wrong thing, I know weird. So Pots it is. I bought it directly from their company as the exchange rate made it a little cheaper than Amazon. They charged CA taxes and shipped it from the Amazon distribution center in Ontario. It got here the next day after it was shipped.

My concerns on the quality was quashed once I washed it. The quality seems very high. My wife works in the medical industry (surgery) and many of the tools they use are made elsewhere but the USA so it can be of medical quality and I think It is. It's pretty hefty and very easy to use. I just set it and forget it. LOL. It does it's thing. I decarbed flower and sometimes mix that into my shakes. I made some infused MCT oil. It was very easy and extracting up to the last drop of oil is achievable with the small glass pipette that's included.

I want to make tinctures and extracts but I need 95% food grade alcohol and alas it's illegal in CA. So that's on hold for now until I can figure something out.

I can take pics if you guys want, but their website and videos are pretty thorough.


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Hi guys, I purchased pot by noids around 6-7 months ago. So far, I have very tasty results, only with ethanol extraction though. I create a very strong spirit, tasting very good if mixed with a juice or soft drink. I haven't produced any cake or butter so far and I am willing to do so but I am not very sure about the procedure. I like to abstain from daily alcohol consumption.

So I first decarb for couple of hours, then soak decarboxylated herb into pure ethanol. After couple of hours of soaking, I choose ethanol extraction, filter the herbs from the alcohol and wait for the evaporation procedure to finish, drop by drop.


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Finally I bought one. So far I've infused 200ml of ghee with 5 g of herbs and I'm condensating some reclaim in ethanol now, so we'll see.
The ghee infusion was incredibly easy. Everything happens in one pot, first decarbing then infusing. You can just set the machine and leave it alone. The filter is genius. So easy. All in all, very happy so far, of course longevity is something that only time can prove.

The THC-ghee I made is excellent.


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Saw this thread and had to sign up.

I don't know if this is a really dumb question, but they promote being able to "reclaim" the alcohol from your tincture for re-use. Given the expense of everclear where I am (Australia) it kind of makes the POT a no-brainer.

What I don't understand:
- how does it evaporate off the alcohol while retaining the alcohol content?
- does it lose much alcohol content going through the evaporation phase?

That's the idea, right? That you keep infusing and re-using the same everclear?
As this thread popped up in New, I had been vaguely looking for an excuse to dive into DIY edibles for a while. I made a little research on the different decarb/infusion machines, The Pot seems nice enough, is available in my country without shipping from the other side of the world… so I have just bought one yesterday. First batch hopefully this week-end, I'll let you all know how it goes.
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I bought mine for edibles, and I find that infusing oil or making feco is much more efficient and direct than creating some sort of fudge. And so easy to do.

@AndyO there's an evaporation attachment that turns your Pot into a little still. That's how you can reclaim the alcohol: it's distilled out of the flower/ethanol wash.
So, I received the Pot by Friday, and made a tiny test yesterday. I realized I am running dry, so I made a very small batch, with 1g of random weed, and 1g of high CBD flower, and 100 ml of olive oil.

I think I will really like that thing! :D

I have no comparaison with other machines, but I have had a few experiences with oven decarb' and double boiler butter, that will very soon be forgotten as prehistoric and tedious methods. The Pot makes it soooo easy… I initially hesitated between a dedicated weed machine and a sous-vide set up. The sous-vide would certainly have been more versatile in the kitchen, but in the end, I have decided I did not want to mess with bags, plus the alcohol tincture set up in addition of decarb/infusion really won me over.

Quality and build seem really good. Design is good. Really not a fan of the huge logo on the silicone sleeve, but that is my usual pet peeve… No buttons, to select between settings you rotate the whole device on its base.

The process is as simple as it could be. Apparently, the Pot analyzes the weight and humidity of the herbs, and adjust the temperature and the duration to optimize the decarb and infusion processes, and maximise conversion/extraction rates.

Grind flowers, put them in the glass beaker, select CBD/THC decarb setting. Ding-Dong-Ding, little chime, green glow, fan noise… and all you have to do is to do something else and wait. Dong-Ding-Dong, little chime. and it's done. Add oil. Select infusion setting. Ding-Dong-Ding. Wait. Filter. Done.

Smell… is present during the process. Certainly not as loud as oven/boiler, but definitely noticeable.
I was a bit surprised, but I think it is to be expected, fan noise is also quite present. I was cooking supper at the same time, so smell and noise were not a concern, but I would rethink my plan to run a batch during the night.

The "french press" style filter is brilliant. it comes with an additional glass dropper to water separate further the plant matter and the last of oil, but I did not bother for such a small test batch; I filtered what I could in a small bottle, and simply dumped the rest over a mesh strainer in another container.

The whole thing is really simple and easy to use, and all the parts that will get dirty/oily go in the dishwasher. I would say the whole process took maybe 4 hours.

I estimated my batch at ~ 1.35 mg of THC per ml. Not sure about that, but I tried 4ml, and the effect were "relatively" similar to 5 mg gummies I have. :shrug:

So, all in all, really great, I am really looking forward to make a "real" batch, and particularly the FECO process.
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