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Is there a way to indicate or request ad posters to state the Country they are selling from ?

Many times I see an item listed that piques my interest but there is no indication of where the selling item is being sold from (neither in the sellers profile location, nor stated in the thread), although at least 'some' are stating CONUS.

I'll only buy from a Canadian member (for our shitty dollar's sake, shipping, and custom's hassle), and I find it rather frustrating and often disappointing to have to pm about an item to find out it's an item being sold from the UK or USA and/or that they also don't want to ship out of country even if I wanted it.

So, is there a way to index the listings ? or at least make it part of the rules to list the country it's being sold from in the description (for those hiding their profile location) ?


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I've been thinking about that too lately. I've seen a lot of posts that just list price with no currency (what kind of dollars?), shipping included (to where?) and no mention of where it's shipping from. Usually you can assume they're Americans but it an international community here and maybe we can do it a bit better. Maybe we could require a simple "Shipping From country X" / "Willing to ship to Countries X and Y" and "desired currency" in each for sale post.

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How so ? Why would it be of anyone's interest to not disclose his location. I monitor the classifieds and there are zero issues like the ONE above. People in EU would like to get Euros so they dont pay for conversion, i guess is it is so with any other country,also a seller would want to give idea of the shipping costs and probably prefers local sale.
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Just think it would be helpful and it takes maybe 10 extra seconds to include the info. Just my opinion though.
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Just think it would be helpful and it takes maybe 10 extra seconds to include the info. Just my opinion though.
People are doing it. You can take a look... "Shipping CONUS only" ,"Shipping lower 48" ,they add EU to the title ,or state it in the ad. This is not an issue,multiple ways to make people aware of the Location,also according to the rules it is up to you to confirm address and name of the seller before sending cash or in case you need more detail.
I can post examples but you can find them in the sales here.
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Only 2 threads on the first page have the location in the title. I agree it would be useful, but doesn't really matter that much as it's most often in the post.
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