Needed IRS tax forms Federal bldg security Caught my vape


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I was wandering about the forums-world wondering where I ought best place my particular post.

I have a tale to tell of a DaVinci Ascent but that forum is not where this is to be told.
Some news I can see of activism perhaps of the cannabis kind in the story to come, but not there.
Threads there are of travel and stealth and vapes and of all I shall speak although truly my talk today is a success story.

Needing Federal IRS tax forms and instructions I set out afoot earlier today to walk to to the post office where there were none to be found. Off to the new Federal Court House shining in the sun. I'd never been within its steel walls.
Wrong place I was told by the three bearded security men of some age who directed me to the old federal court house building.
I had been there. Many a fine and angry hour was invested there opposing Bush's opening of pandoras box of Iraqi horror; I lost. Our early 21st century world is courtesy of the Project for a New American Century and their failure to learn what Arjuna was taught.

Today I won. Entering the building I encountered security before I was directed to IRS. I signed in, doffed my tote bag, phone, coin purse, keys and coat into the X-ray tub and passed through the metal detector.
The machine was silent as I was wearing only the fabric of canvas shoes, cotton shirt, and a white dhoti wrapped pancham kancham style (Indian pants- not a common sight- dudes in dhotis).

The woman at the scanner asks, Do you have two phones? She was seeing the form of my Ascent vaporizer in the windbreaker pocket.
"No", I said as I began gathering my goods, "That is a personal vaporizer."
"May we see it?" What to do? I actually had medicine under the glass jar in the oven. Tax forms for godsake!

With all the suppressed "Oh-Shit" and faith and grace and truth and prayer and openness and honesty and cooperation I could create, I said yes, pulled the stem out and handed my burl Ascent to her with a few words about differences from smokers and e-cigs and use of lavender, chamomile, medical, battery powered...(please don't open it).
She asked (thank you) and showed it to her colleagues, saying they keep seeing new things and it was useful to see what the X-ray saw. Thankfully it was now back in my hands.

So I was able to look at the image of the Ascent sitting in the tub showing its blue batteries and green stem and subtle differences top to bottom. Had I stayed around longer I might have been able to make out the oven and glass jar and layer of herb. Had they opened it, this is what they'd have seen.

Today three Federal security folk found the form of my Ascent to be benign.
Be well all.


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Great story! I was like, am I about to read about how this guy got fucked?

lol, first time in the success stories forum for me.

Glad to hear everything went okay.


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Most forms and instructions are on the web. With the exception of some red printed forms, that is the best source. The vape is illegal under federal law and the regulations are, if legal under state law, you remove it from the property before you can enter. (Arrest if illegal there.) The federal buildings around here don't allow entry with a cell phone either so the result for the possession of either would be the same here. A hassle, not an arrest.


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i always say if a police officer ever calls out my induction heater, i'm going to call them right back out for being a smoker lol.
also, lucky you.
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